KB Millennium Club

7 brave souls would not let one of Cabarrus County’s finest stand in their way of getting stronger at Harrisburg Iron….although they did drive a little more slowly through the lot.

The goal today was to hit at least 1,000 reps, which meant non-stop fun.

Short mosey around the lot, then circle up.
Windmill x10
Imperial Storm Troopers x10

The Thang
Three sets of three exercises, flowing from one right into the next.
>Set 1: KB Hammer Curl, KB Shoulder Press, KB Triceps Extensions
1 Curl, 1 Press, 1 Extension
2 Curls, 2 Presses, 2 Extensions
3 Curls, 3 Presses, 3 Extensions
10 Curls, 10 Presses, 10 Extensions

SSH x10 to keep the blood flowing

>Set 2: same sequence as above, with KB Skull Crushers, KB Chest Presses, KB LBCs

SSH x10

>Set 3: same sequence as above, with KB Sumo Squats, KB Dead Lifts, KB Upright Rows

Mosey to the end of the lot and back.

>Set 4: repeat set 1, but backwards (from 10 to 1)
SSH x10
>Set 5: repeat set 2, but backwards
SSH x10
>Set 6: repeat set 3, but backwards

Wait, for those keeping score at home, that’s 6 sets at 165 reps per set….for 990 reps. YHC let the pax pick one last exercise to get the final 10, and Dragnet called for 10 KB Swings. Done. 1000 KB reps.

Low Flutter x20 w/KBs pressed
Low Dolly x20 w/KBs pressed (Diesel)
Mason Twist x10 w/KBs (Dragnet)

COT (Diesel takes us out)

1. Nice work today guys. That’s a lot of reps in under 45 minutes!
2. Tclaps to Tumbler for sticking with the 40# KB. Knowing what we were going to do, I went with the 30#. The only time I regretted it, was during KB Swings, when I thought he was going to throw the 40 at me.
3. Welcome back out to newly named Huntsman. Sorry, most of us weren’t there for your first post and weren’t prepared with a name, but Dragnet picked us up. Hope to see you back out there again soon.
4. Clueless called this workout “diabolical.” I’m calling BS on that coming from the guy who came up with Merkin Mania on Tuesday.
5. War Daddy Casper was quieter than normal this morning. He generally has the “I’m dying” look on his face during KBs, but he always powers through, regardless of what’s thrown at him.
6. Great to see Sid Vicious back out. An FNG just a week ago, it seems he’s enjoying the KB workouts. Be sure not to miss Diesel’s next Friday.

Pax tibi,

5 thoughts on “KB Millennium Club

  1. Clueless

    Great workout @Gamma! The climbing reps were killers

    Echo Tclaps to @Tumbler… impressive reps with that weight

    Solid work everyone!

  2. Casper

    Enjoyed the workout today @Gamma. Was a good one! Arms, back, legs and neck sore, sign we were working hard to get to 1000.

    Should be full of more chatter next week, getting to bed @ around 1a on workout morning does not usually bode well for me. Need at least 5 hours a night.

  3. Diesel

    For those that didn’t show, you missed a good one.

    @tumbler, you were throwing that #40 around..time for a #50?

    @Gamma, I had to ask what # you had because you hit every rep…very impressive but maybe when Tumbler goes to #50 you can get your #40 back.

    1. Gamma Post author

      Thanks all. Tumbler definitely sets my goal for KBs…since I’ll never catch him on a sprint!

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