We’re talking about practice?

18 men came out for a basketball themed workout.  It went a little something like this:

Half hearted #disclaimer

The thang:

Mosey to courts for warmup:

10 Side Straddle Hops

10 Merkins

10 Mountain Climbers

Mosey to pull up bars.  3 stations each to max. 5 minutes


Plyometric Pushups

Decline merkins

Mosey to stations. 1 minute each

#1 – Agility drills with cones

#2 – Lateral movement agility drills with cones

#3 – Backboard touches

#4 – Half suicides

Sideline on basketball court – 17 drill. 1 minute. 2 sets of each

1 group runs sideline to sideline.  Each touch counts as one.  Seeing if we can touch 17 times before 1 minute.

Other group planks.

6-4-6 drill – 1 set

6 down and backs forward baseline to baseline

4 backwards

6 down and backs

22 drill – Run baseline to baseline than baseline to foul line.  Goal is 22 seconds.  3 sets each.

One group runs.  Other rests.  Flap jack.

Baseline runs after foul shots.  We finish once we hit 5 makes.  Misses we run.

Start off with 1 run.  Mr. Poppers makes it.

Next up was Tank. Misses.  We run 1 down and back.

Next up Gump.  Misses.  We run 2 down and backs.

Next up Mr Poppers.  Misses.  We run 3 down and backs.

Next up Charmin.  Misses.  4 down and backs.

Next up Chavez.  Makes.

Next up Ricky Bobby.  Misses.  We run 3.

Audible – Circle up for Mary.

90 seconds Little Baby Crunches to max.


Thank you for allowing me to try something a little different today.  More of a speed workout.  Figured with basketball season beginning it would be fun to wipe out some old conditioning drills.

I did audibles all over the place.  The number of sets I had on paper was just not realistic.

I don’t know about you but my plyometric merkins got sad in a hurry.

I can’t believe there was a time I could hit 17 in a minute.  90 seconds might be tough now.






2 thoughts on “We’re talking about practice?

  1. Charmin Post author

    @ buckwheat – Thank you for helping out with the stopwatch today. Much appreciated.

    @Mr. Poppers and @Chavez. Nice job coming through with the clutch foul shots. I think I might have had my worst foul shot in my life. Guess having no legs will do it.

    The plan was we run until we hit 5 foul shots. We made 2 and audibled to Mary. Safe to say we might still be out there if we went with the original plan.

  2. Chavez

    I (sadly) have to correct the record, especially as a former player: I missed the shot badly. I believe Tank actually did come through: nice work, Tank.

    Charmin, I was totally brought back to the late 90s when you would say, “on the line.” No mistaking what that means and I heard it many times. Back then I would have had a better chance of making the shot, but amazingly, because of F3, I’m probably in better shape now than I was then.

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