Funky’s a little Funky

26 PAX showed today for a Forgotten Jelly beatdown. We began with Funky trying to clear the area.

– Mosey around church
– Circle up
– SSH x 15
– IST x 15
– Cotton Picker x 15

The Thang

Mosey to outback (get in teams of 4 – will rotate)
– Person 1: Burpee broad jumps to road and back
– Person 2: Curls
– Person 3: Pullups
– Person 4: Dips
Plank when done

Partner carry to old nursery (first partner carry to bottom of hill, walk up hill, second partner carry to nursery)
– Merkins Squat ladder
– Side A – 10 merkins down by 2 each time
– Side B – 2 squats up by 2 each time to 10

Jailbreak to parking lot


– Homer to Marge
– Squirm
– Pretzel Crunch

– I always enjoy leading the group in a workout. I hope everyone was worn out today.
– Thanks to Perrier for coming out today. For those of you who don’t know, Perrier was the person who EH’d me back in February. So, if you want to blame anyone, blame Perrier.
– Welcome to the newly named Axe Effect. I hope you keep coming.
– Dingo threatened a lot of mumble chatter today, but I didn’t hear as much as I expected. His excuse is that Funky wouldn’t stop talking.

15 thoughts on “Funky’s a little Funky

  1. FunkyBunch

    You should have caled this BB
    “Throw Funky under the bus”

    Great Job FJ! Way to keep the PAX moving.
    Loving the return of intensity at Tradition.

    ChickenStrip thanks for joining me on the pre workout run. It was nice to have a running partner.

    Dingo you don’t have to blame me for being speachless. #sackup

    1. Forgotten Jelly Post author

      You’re my teammate. I won’t throw you under the bus. Unless you really deserve it.

  2. Dingo

    @fj – good workout. I always enjoy the haunted daycare hill!!

    I was far too entertained by funky’s mumblechatter to bother with my own!

  3. Chicken Strip

    Great workout @Forgotten Jelly. I enjoy mixing it up and was glad we got time in the Outback and haunted daycare. Good use of our areas and good workouts.

    It was great running with you too @FunkyBunch, I’ll have to come early more often.

  4. The Farm

    Good workout Jelly. I thought I heard Perrier in the COT but wasn’t sure. You look different when you’re not in a white coat. It was good meeting you a few weeks ago. Good luck with Goruck!

  5. BlindDate

    Enjoyed the workout, Jelly. Thanks to Mountaineer, Iris and Perrier for teaming up.

    Always love a workout that involves a trip to the haunted daycare.

  6. Dingo

    What hasn’t been mentioned, but really should is the the Q’s inability to complete an exercise that he called!! I can’t be the only one that noticed Jelly running WITHOUT Funky on his back???!!!!

  7. Perrier

    Enjoyed getting together with all the tradition guys this morning. Can see a real bond between you all (lots of mumblechatter and ribbing, some unusual smells). Good to see that FJ can bring it!

  8. Skipper

    Sorry I missed a #Tradition visit from @Perrier. Not sorry I missed @Funky’s funk. See you guys next week! Hope you all post on Saturday for the #BeatDownChowDown. Give @Dredd and @OBT a big hug from me. Ahoy!

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