100% Satisfaction, Money Back Guarantee

17 HB men met at The Ridge to experience YHC’s beatdown. YHC wanted to ensure the PAX was 100% satisfied when they finished. So were they? Here’s what they did…

WARM-UP (x = cadence):
SSH x 20
Windmill x 10
IST x 15
Mtn climber x 15
Merkins x 15
Plank Jax x 15

THE THANG (x = cadence):
To the wall!
Peoples chair 1 min, then sprint 50 yds.
Merkins x 15, then sprint back 50 yds.
Squats 1 min, then bear crawl 50 yds.
15 Body Builders OYO, then bear crawl back 50 yds.
BTW 1 min, then sprint 50 yds.
CDD x 15, then sprint back 50 yds.

To the ridge!
Starting on one side of the ridge, the PAX performs the exercise OYO. In pairs, the PAX runs up the ridge to other side. When the pairs hit the top, the next pair goes. When the pairs hit the bottom of the ridge, perform the exercise until all PAX are complete.
SSH / LBC – Repeato
Squats / Incline Merkins – Repeato
Jump squats / decline Merkins – Repeato

LBC x 15
JLo x 15
Mason twist x 15
Reverse Crunch x 15
Squirm x 15
Low Flutter x 15
Low Dolly x 15
Crunchy Frog (Solo Cup) x 15
The W x 10 (Sorry, YHC was spent and stopped at 10)



  • Nice job by everyone this morning. YHC tried to keep it relatively simple (i.e. body weight exercises vs. grabbing the tires). YHC was satisfied because he was feeling it by the end. Were you? There was more on the #Weinke.
  • Tclaps to @Padre for putting in the extra miles before and then after the beatdown.
  • As YHC announced after the Windmills, @Ribshack doesn’t think YHC can do Windmills sloooooow. Had he posted, he may have been able to know for himself. Gotta show to know.
  • @Heisenberg – hope the calf recovers soon brother. In the words of Steve Smith, “Ice up son, ice up.” Wait, does anyone care about him anymore?
  • We are continuing with soup this month for the Harrisburg Food Pantry. @Solo Cup, how much soup have we donated and how much to reach this month’s goal?
  • Here are just a few races over the next couple weeks:

7 thoughts on “100% Satisfaction, Money Back Guarantee

  1. BBQ Post author

    Thanks again guys for showing up and allowing me to lead this AM. It’s always a good start to my day. Even better to have you guys there with me.

  2. Heisenberg_MECA

    @BBQ – Thanks. Been tending to the calf / achilles since Thursday and it’s letting up some. Missed working out with the group this morning. Hope to be back at it Tuesday!

    God Bless

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