MAN DOWN-Spur requests transfer from narcoleptic master

9.5 PAX this AM at the house of Coals and Trains.  1 FNG.  0.5 given to Deertick for effort against narcolepsy.


Mosey from AO to PARKING DECK with karioke and high knees

Ascend parking deck via car ramps
LEVEL 1 do 10 Derkins
LEVEL 2 do 10 Decline CDDs
LEVEL 3 do 20 air squats (IC)

Slap Jacks x 20
ISTs x 20
Stretch for 1 min
Little and Big Arm Circles


BEAR CRAWL OF DEATH(Invented by PTO): Bear crawl the upper parking deck using the lines of the parking spaces as map.  Forward bear crawl, lateral bear crawl, backward bear crawl. RINSE AND REPEAT UNTIL ALL LINES ON AISLE DONE.


Mosey to Pit of Doom at da Courts

THE VAULT AND HILL: Vault push press to top of 5 foot wall, run to top of hill and touch wall, run down to bottom and do a lap around parking lot and then plank until its your turn again. RINSE AND REPEAT x 3


STAIRWAY TO HELL?: 5 Burpees at the bottom, run the stairs, at top do 10 merkins, run drive back down to bottom of pit. RINSE AND REPEAT x 3

Mosey back to AO


FARTLEKS: PAX does 2 max effort sprints of 80 yards with light mosey recovery between going down Spring St.


Dips x 20 single count
BALLS TO WALL for 30 sec hold x 1


Hello Dollies x 15
LBC x 15
Plank Jacks x 15
Low Flutter x 15 (Audible by Deertick who then fell asleep again failing to count)
V ups x 10

1. Man down.  Deertick had child duty during overnight shift as queen slept to preserve her beauty.  Result = beautiful queen and Q oversleeping.  Spur says he will work on his master. Spur is a good dog and loves Indy and has requested transfer multiple times only to have paperwork denied.
2. Great work by PAX today and thank you for letting me lead.
3. Q was hurting and was planning on being the caboose when he awoke only to find himself up front.  Calling out cadence during workout  with already poor O2 movement bad for Q.   Real bad. LESSON = Sometimes gotta play hurt in F3 as in life.
4. If you need to urinate the place to go is the back stairwell at the Deck. Someone has really sprayed that territory pretty good and it is getting funky and smells like a large cat may be in the area.
5. Convergence at Tradition this SAT at 7am with DREDD and OBT. Im headed down let me know if you wish bus ride.

Have a good one