Lunar Eclipse means we run the big hill twice

17 Pax showed up to watch the Lunar Eclipse and instead got some unexpected changes of direction from the Q.

10 seconds, wait Nanny is late, 90 seconds

Let’s Roll

We are going this way, nope turn around pick up Nanny we are going this way…

Out cut-through from school across HC Parkway to golf course, run on cart path to McChesney

McChesney to HC Parkway left to Wildbrook

Run to end of Wildbrook, turn around head back to HC Pkwy, at top of the hill Audible called: turn around and run back to end of Wildbrook and run the hill again

Head back to HC Pkwy and back to school via Parkway

– Final Mileage was calculated as 4.4 miles but sure felt like more

-You are welcome for the Repeato on Wildbrook, I’m sure you didn’t see that coming. Pretty sure that’s when it got real for some Pax

– Cruise seems like it would be easy to lead but creating a new and challenging route can be tough, I drove around Highland Creek this morning trying to plot a new route that had the right mileage only to end up sitting in my car trying to plot a route on my phone as Filibuster ran laps around the bus parking lot.

– I want to give T Claps to @Gordo his running has significantly improved and in short order, he has always given 100% but a few weeks ago I noticed him hanging in the front and he hasn’t slowed down. Excellent work. It was good chatting with you for a bit this morning when I had the wind to do so

– Also T-Claps to @Treadstone he found some extra kick on the last stretch and I just couldn’t match it, not bad for someone who didn’t even want to run today.

Thanks for playing


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  1. Winnebago Post author

    Great work men, had a pretty fast pace this morning. Losing the Forged Hammer made me want to run that much harder so that it returns in 6 months. Highlands will place 1 if not 2 teams in the top 25 in April. #BookItDano

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