Couch 2 5k @Tradition

9 Traditioners woke up and made the hard decision that today would be the day they start to become runners!  We are not known for our runners at Tradition and what should a Dingo do when he wants more running buddies??  You’ve gotta go back to the beginning!  @Guinness was also out to support his new running buddies!

The Thang

5 minute warm up walk

  1. 1 minute run
  2. 1.5 minute walk
  3. repeat 8 times

5 minute cool down walk


  1. lbc x 10
  2. reverse crunch x 10
  3. lbc x 10
  4. reverse crunch x 10
  5. plank x 1 minute
  6. plank x 2 minute
  7. low dolly x 20
  8. pretzel crunch x 10

The runny moleskin

  1. I was really excited by the turnout today!  Running is such an important part of overall fitness.  And the best part is that it makes everything else easier!!
  2. We will be running this program every wednesday until we reach 5k.  After that we will shoot for 10k.
  3. Mud Runners – 10k = 6.2 miles!!  Seems as though this program might help you on the Leatherneck!!
  4. Great job this morning brothers!!  We are gonna take this one step at a time.  See you next wednesday.

2 thoughts on “Couch 2 5k @Tradition

  1. Gangsta's Paradise

    Thanks for putting this together @Dingo! This will definitely be a great way to build up those running legs.

    Enjoyed it!

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