Let’s get lost…

8 men showed up this morning, several had headlamps, and we all vowed not to wake the neighbors as we set out through Moss Creek. Although YHC did check google maps for a route, I didn’t plan much more than that because I was unsure as to what we would find.  The cool weather was great so we took off and it went a little something like this:

The thang:

Mosey out onto Moss Farm St.

At the Napa St. Intersection:

SSH x15

Merkin x 10

Mosey to Moss Plantation Ave Intersection and turn R:

IST x 10

LBC x 10

Lunge walk from the pain station followed by but kickers and some Stoli Skips (sorry I don’t know any good songs to sing, I’ll have to bone up for next time).

Turn left at Astoria Ln

At Astoria/Remington intersection:

A little plank action

5 burpees OYO

Mosey a bit more.

Air Squats x 10 (@Gump corrects my cadance)

Merkins x10

Mosey into the cul-de-sac where YHC receives a bunch of grief and questioning of his orienteering skills and leadership abilities. No problem, we just keep going. Our, well at least my, first trip onto the green way.

A little sideways plank walk where the pavement started. Keep on moseying…

Oh look, there is a pier that you’re not allowed to fish off.  Let’s give it some use.

Derkins, single count x 10

Air squats x 15

Derkins, single count x 10

Back to the path, mosey.

Circle up for some mary on the greenway

The W x 10

Low Flutter x 15 (thanks @Eggplant)

Dying cockroach  x? (via @Pox)

Rosalita x 10

Pretzel crunch x 10 each side.

Long mosey back to the school. We should have had one more pain station, but I wanted to get us back on time.

At the school lot:

Stretching by Kato

Low Dolly x 10

Freddy Mecury x 10

A premature ending by YHC until I realized we had five more minutes.

The squirm x 10

Homer to Marge x 5

X’s to O’s x 5

Superman/Banana led by @Kato.


The Moleskin:

1. The weather this morning was fantastic.

2. I was anxious to get on the Greenway and see what was back there. While it makes for a good bit of running, at least we will only wake up the deer and frogs. I would consider the recon mission a success.

3. I may have missed an exercise or put one in the wrong place, but when you don’t have a locked down plan… As always, thanks for coming out. I enjoyed the 2nd F we had while running.

4. Look out for an@Col. Mustard beatdown on Thursday. Bring your friends.


4 thoughts on “Let’s get lost…

  1. Kato

    @LawDawg: A nice little run was what the doctor ordered after yesterday’s El Dorado. Looking forward to getting creative with the things we can use the greenway for.

    @Pax: We had some guys missing this morning to sickness and otherwise. Reach out to the ones you know to let them know they were missed.

  2. Pox

    @ LawDawg: Thanks for the long run this am, greenway is a nice addition to have and I noticed some long hills which can be used in the future

    @ Eggplant: thanks for the push on the extra running, by my estimate we probably coverd a good 4+ miles today in addition to the pain stations

    @ Kato: after stretching I’m thinking your alternative name might be Mister Fantastic

  3. Colonel Mustard

    Looks like @LawDog had you guys venturing out into the unknown. I look forward to my first Q post at #RollingStone. See you all Thursday.

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