The Intimate Saturday Morning Beat Down


Small and intimate gathering of PAX due to a number of the regulars participating in the Mud Run.



Mosey around ASEC 1.5 laps at a brisk pace

SSH X 20

Mountain climbers x 20

Imperial Stormtroopers x 20

Cotton pickers x 20


COP #1:

Mosey to shelter

Dips with one leg up x 20

Decline mercans x 15

Dips with one leg up x 20

T push up mercans x 10

Supermans x 20


COP #2:

Mosey to rock pile (select challenging stone)

Prisoner squats with rock x 20

Carolina dry docks x 15

Alternating reverse lunges with rock x 20

Curls with rock x 20


The Thang:

“40 yard Step Down”

40 yard high knees/back pedal/5 burpees

30 yard sumo squat walk/back pedal/5 burpees

20 yard bear crawl/back pedal/5 burpees

10 yard crab walk/back pedal/5 burpees


Parking Lot Space Zig-Zag:

Start at back of parking space, quick-feet shuffle run to top of next parking space, back pedal to back of parking space………….continue all the way around parking lot…………..about 40 mini sprints in total.


6 minutes of Mary:

LBC x 20

Low flutter x 20

Hello dolly x 20

Freddie mercury’s x 20

Elbow plank for 1 minute



Workout moved quick with a small PAX.  Generated plenty of sweat, low oxygen blood count, and nominal conversation even though it was a cool and beautiful Fall morning.  We acknowledged that we were far less muddy and busted up at the end of the work out as compared to our brethren participating in the Mud Run.