A Cruise-like Speed

With the #Speed regulars “tapering” for the MudRun tomorrow, 3 non-mudrunners posted for an 0530 launch and 1 mudrunner posted a little later.  YHC wanted to run and wanted some 2nd F so we ran (not sure how far or how fast) and we stopped a few times for pull-ups, mericans, LBC, low flutter, dips, derkins.  We sprinted the Millstream Ridge Hill. We walked to recover. We ran some more.  Lots of good 2nd F.

It was a nice morning!

Good luck to all the F3 men taking on the USMC Mud Run!



P.S. Those that posted yesterday at Highland Creek Elem left the shovel flag. #respectOldGlory

3 thoughts on “A Cruise-like Speed

  1. Skipper Post author

    @BlackSheep and @ChickenStrip – Great 2nd F today! Enjoyed getting to know you guys better. Thanks for joining me.

    @TheNanny – Thanks for posting and good luck tomorrow! I hope you don’t get muddy.

  2. Colonel Mustard

    That was a Col. Mustard mistake! Was it still upright? If not I will pay dearly. Someone brought it and I was supposed to take it. I assume you have it or does The Nanny have it?

  3. Skipper Post author

    Ahoy! @TheNanny has it and will be bringing to MudRun. You get a pass for leaving it behind since you Qed the morning after the late night #F3Shield. One of the teachers took the flag into the office for us.

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