Houston, we are “go” for Toe-Lock…..

Purpose – Focus on Balance Poses and Stretching to work core and strengthen muscles


  1. Mountain Pose (Namaste) – 5 deep breaths & exhales
    1. Tip of the day – Clear Your Mind
    2. Wide Feet – inhale up, swan dive , hang downward and fold arms – 5 Breaths
  2. Feet on Railroad tracks, inhale arms up, exhale down over leg (Split Hamstring Stretch) – 5 Breaths, pull on ankle, bend knee to come out
    1. Repeato next leg


  1. Tree – Left Leg, Right Leg (30sec ea)
  2. Royal Dancer (aka Lynn Swan)
  3. Standing Leg Extensions – Knee to chest, extend, Knee to chest, extend (Toe Lock – Hence the title!)
  4. Crane – Knees in armpits, lean forward, don’t fall forward, feet off ground
  5. Seated Spinal Stretch – Pull leg under opposite, Twist, 5 breaths
  6. Cat/Cow – Inhale to Cat, Exhale to Cow
  7. Frog
  8. Bridge to Wheel – roll up on shoulders, pelvis up, hug knees to chest, wheel? Lift Leg? Way to go Deuce!
  9. Plough – legs up, move to “V”, Scissor legs, legs over head, relax over ears, 10 count down
  10. Table – Head back and up
  11. Cobbler Pose – Bend like a hinge, then stretch arms out as far as you can
  12. One Legged Hamstring Stretch
  13. Two Legged Hamstring Stretch


Yoga Belly “4” – there are 7 but time ran out

  1. Hands/Feet to the sky
  2. Boat
  3. Half Boat
  4. Open Scissors

Side Twist – on back, arms out, Legs up, 90degree w/hips, lean to left hold feet approx 2ft off ground, back to center, repeat

Happy Baby – roll slightly from side to side to release lower back

5 thoughts on “Houston, we are “go” for Toe-Lock…..

  1. Othello Post author

    I hope everyone had a good stretch today. If you focus on tightening your core and improving your form through the positions you will get stronger and more flexible. Plus, less prone to injury! It was a pleasure working out with you men this morning. Hopefully it was what you were looking for/expecting.

  2. Deuce

    Nice one, Othello! You brought several new poses to Warrior One that I will definitely be using in the future. Wheel w/leg lift was definitely the challenge pose of the day- hard on the lower back.

  3. Clueless

    @Othello – the toe-lock was very impressive indeed… not many can do that. Ditto on talking through the wheel. Excellent lead once again!

    FNG Tom – welcome out. Glad to see you in the gloom.

  4. RibShack

    @FNG/Tom- Good to have you out this morning. If you can keep up with Clueless you are the man; he’s been pushing us for a few months now & doesn’t even breathe hard most days!

  5. Othello Post author

    @FNG/Tom – Sorry about calling you “Mike” above. Not sure why that was stuck in my head. I better do more brain stim exercises at my next Q. Glad to have you out and look forward to seeing you again.

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