Cruise: High Mileage Challenge

An even dozen of the Highland’s finest posted for some LSD (long, slow, distance).

The Thang:

  1. 4 teams of three.  Each with a GPS watch.
  2. Team that checks in by 6:13 with the longest distance wins.
  3. Each minute past 6:13 results in a 2/10ths mile deduction.

The Naked Moleskin:

  1. Virtual trophy goes to Team Frodo even though they were 3 minutes late.  Their 5.3 mile total was adjusted down to 4.7 miles.  Team Hogan came in next with 4.62 followed by Team Tank at 4.5 and then Team Fili at 4.38.
  2. I clearly should have gone with my initial thought of a 3/10ths deduction per minute b/c that would have given team Hogan the victory….
  3. Hope you guys enjoyed the format.  It was designed to get us into smaller groups for better 2nd F opportunities, and to incent us to run faster/further.
  4. I overheard @Frodo attempting to play some #JediMindTricks on Pavarotti throughout the morning.  He is trying to convince him that we are to meet up at 5:30 at the mall, he is trying to talk him into a overnight camping trip on Friday, and he has offered to set his alarm for him the night before.
  5. I am not sure why I yelled “yes!!!” when Frodo fell into a well on the way to the Cruise this morning….
  6. Greatly enjoyed naming FNG Steve on behalf of Rome this morning.  Welcome to the Pax – Hogan.  As in Hogan’s Heroes due to all the time you spent in Germany during your time with the military teaching athletics to service men’s children.

4 thoughts on “Cruise: High Mileage Challenge

  1. The Nanny Post author

    Great morning to be out in the Creek. Glad you men posted with me. I enjoyed my breakfast this morning – hope you had a good recovery breakfast as well.

  2. Chavez

    Great format, @Nanny. @Frodo and @Gordo, nice work this morning. Great 2nd F and it was an adventure to actually get back in a reasonable time! Well done.

  3. Stoli

    Agreed, great format, Nanny.

    Chavez, I hope Frodo wasn’t trying to get in your head as well! I’m going to take FlyBy to an all-you-can eat ice cream buffet Friday night.

  4. Pavarotti

    Frodo is so good, I think he will convince himself to show up at 5:30a. #irony

    Nice lead, Nanny. I’m ready.

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