10 to 1 on 10/1

13 of Tradition’s finest joined together for a cooler Iron Fist workout.  The idea was to have a tough workout but nothing too bad before the Mud Run.

The Thang:

Mosey to the Outback


15x SSH

10x IST

Arm Circles


Everyone grabs a Cinderblock

Bicep Curls (10x)

Cinderblock Squats (10x)

Shoulder Press (10x)

Cinderblock Merkins (10x)

Each of these exercises was then done 9x, 8x, 7x, etc…until Pharaoh made the comment that it’s not worth doing an exercise once and we did it all again 10x.

1 Minute Cinderblock plank while Pharaoh shared a Chuck Norris story

Pull ups 10x

Dips 10x


Mosey to the Parking Lot for some Mary:

Airborne Mindbender while Pharaoh shared another Chuck Norris story

LBC 30x

Low Flutter 25x

Hello Dolly 25x

W 20x

Pretzel Crunch 10x each side

Squirm 20x

Homer to Marge



1) Honored to lead this morning.  Always love the Iron Fist workout.

2) @Pharaoh loved getting to tell Chuck Norris stories today…

3) @Oboe – thanks for joining us from Highlands today!

4 thoughts on “10 to 1 on 10/1

  1. Dingo

    That was just a good solid beatdown! No gimmicks, no crazy crap! Just a good ole fashion burner! Me likey!

      1. Dingo

        Changed my mind on that. Striker is gonna lead a separate workout for mud runners. Stretching, some easy running, more stretching

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