55 degrees in a Fog Fest…11 PAX defeated the fart sack to post for gloomy gloom beatdown.

The Thang

Mosey to South End of the Mall Parking Lot

  • Fast SSH x 10 IC
  • Air Squats x 15
  • Stretch – Left Leg, Right Leg, Middle…Walk Out and Hold

Mosey around mall to Health College parking lot by Hospital Hill – 1 minute plank

Bear Crawl Burpees

  • Jog down the hill, (7) burpees at bottom.  Bear Crawl up, (6) burpees.   Repeato declining ladder until (1) burpee at bottom.  30 second recovery.

Mosey across street to medical building area, circle up at end of cul-de-sac

  • Alternating Single Leg V-Ups – 26 single count

Mosey between buildings to side street along Branch View

  • Start at 1st light pole, sprint to 2 pole, jog to 3rd, sprint to 4th – 10 air squats. Repeato x 3 CYCLES

Mosey to Mary


  • 25 IBCs
  • 20 Chair Arm Reaches
  • Superman Row 5×5
  • Mason Twists x 20 IC
  • Rockers x 10 IC (Indy audible)
  • Deericks x 15 IC (Deertick audible)


  1. Lots of running today with little recovery – just what the doctor ordered for the 5 mud runners.  All others might want to get a new doctor or a least a second option!
  2. We moved pretty quick today…guess I should have done a repeato on the bear crawl burpees!
  3. My “make a path” strategy upon leaving the side street turned into a bit of mud run obstacle….crossing a rip-rap strewn ditch.  No Bueno in the dark, but made a mental note that we now have another source of rocks for beatdown fun.
  4. Great effort and always an honor to Q!

That is all,  Hipbone