50/50 Chance

In planning a beatdown that involves partnering up, there’s always a 50/50 chance of odd numbers showing up. For that one person who fartsacked this morning (you know who you are), you could have made this much easier. At any rate, 27 studs beasted (and bested) the gloom to partake in a partner beatdown that went something like this…


  • Indian Run w/ SSH x5 to Business Park
  • Indian Run w/ Merkins x5 to Outback

The Thang


Exercises in Circle:

  • Partner Throwdowns x20
  • Partner Getups x20 (10 each arm)

Exercises across Outback:

  • Partner Push
  • Partner Pull
  • Partner Carry
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Partner 1 Bear Crawl & Crab Walk while Partner 2 does LBCs
    • Flapjack
  • Partner 1 Frog Hop & Army Crawl while Partner 2 does Air Squats
    • Flapjack


  • Homer to Marge with Low Dollies, and Low Flutters
  • Plank


  • I had some cinderblock exercises to mix in this morning, but I underestimated how long that Indian Run would take. Oh well. It’ll make it into a future workout!
  • I’m thankful for each one of you men and the motivation your presence gives me to shake off the fartsack and better my body and myself. #TraditionStrong!

14 thoughts on “50/50 Chance

  1. Man Down Post author

    Thanks once again for the privilege to Q men! Striker and Funky Bunch, thanks for letting me be the “odd man” in our partnership. That Whack-A-Mole game was fun!

  2. FunkyBunch

    It’s amazing that the 3rd wheel never knows that they are the 3rd wheel.;) #takeahint

    …although it did provide @Strker an out when it came to the partner carry. #clydesdale

    @Magma & @Jumanji welcome back fellas! Congratulations to both of you and your growing families.

  3. Dingo

    Aye! I always enjoy a good Indian run!

    I also noticed that group stayed together for the whole mile! Those of you who keep saying you can’t run……well you can no longer use that excuse!

    1. Dutch

      thanks Man Down – hearty beat down for a man first thing in the morn…. worth getting out of bed for! More less muushy every day!

  4. Forgotten Jelly

    Enjoyed it this morning man down. I liked all the partner stuff. Hopefully that gave us a taste for what we will do in the mud run.

  5. The Farm

    Great workout Man Down! Although I’m not doing the Mud Run, I remember the crawling under barbed wire in mud wore me out earlier this year during the Spartan Sprint. I could’ve used this training before that (as Moses kept trying to tell me but I didn’t listen). Also, thanks to Belding for partnering up. Us shorter guys might need to team up in April! I’ll work on my speed so I can keep up!

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