Surprise! Old Glory

31 Tradition faithful showed up in the gloom to be ambushed by Old Glory. They seemed ready for the task so no warm up just jump right in.


Disclaimer and  explanation


Run down Prosperity Church Rd. to business park and around the Buildings and return to shovel flag at center of AO. (1 mile)Throw a salute at Old Glory and run to corner 1.


Stop at corner 1 for 20 merkins (front entrance)

proceed to corner 2 for 20 jump squats (back corner of building)

proceed to corner 3 for 10 pull-ups (back corner of the outback)

proceed to corner 4 for 20 WW2 sit-ups (front corner of the outback)

Run to center of parking lot to tag Old Glory then continue back to corner 1

Lap length : .40 mile

complete as many laps as you can in 20 min.

At the end of the time period run 1 more time to business park and back.

when Pax returns circle up for MARY



Pax GREAT job today. You all rose to the challenge that is “Old Glory”.  Thanks for allowing me to lead this morning as always it is an honor.

9 thoughts on “Surprise! Old Glory

  1. FunkyBunch Post author

    Great work this morning ! what I like about this workout is the self competition. this is a great example of you vs. you. when this workout shows up again try to push and get 1 more corner or 1 more lap in the specified time. This workout is a great measuring stick. Once again you all kicked ass out there this morning.

  2. FunkyBunch Post author

    I also want to welcome Helga to Tradition. You picked a good one for your first post. Keep it up and hope to continue seeing you in the gloom.

  3. Dingo

    That felt awesome this morning!! I covered 3.33 miles during the workout! Iron sharpens iron!! No way I would do a workout like that on my own…..

    T-claps to Striker! He took the virtual podium with 3.75 laps completed! Man Down was hot on his tail!

  4. The Farm

    Great workout Funky Bunch. It felt like Murph Jr. to me. See you guys tonight! Can’t wait to post at Ball Buster Monday in a few weeks (shameless plug)!

  5. Striker

    That is my favorite workout. Lets keep it monthly, definitely a good way to accurately gauge ones self. Its nice to see how all those beat downs are doing what they are designed to do.

    Mandown would have taken it if he would have not ran to the workout. That’s what he gets for being an over achiever:)

  6. Skipper

    33 pax on Tues and 31 pax on Thurs, unbelievable! I’m glad I posted at #Rolling Stone today where we had no running. Though its always nice and humbling to have @Striker fly by you in top gear.
    Hopefully I’ll make it out to #Tradition on Tap tonight, but if not we’ll see you at #Testicles on Monday for some metal ball swinging! Oops, Monday is the Murph, we’ll do that first.

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