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A Pax of 14, Highlanders and stoners (is that what we shoud call ourselves at Rolling stone?), arrived in force to see what sort of pain Pox had dreamed up.  Pox, after taking management and leadership training, delegated Kato to provide most of the entertainment in a workout we like to call F3 Gone Bad (after the cross-fit workout Fight Gone Bad).  It went down something like this:

Active Warm-up:

  • Frankenstien walk
  • Inchworm merkins
  • Active lunge (elbow to ankle) with twist
  • Slow Mosey

COP (IC-4 count):

  • SSHx15
  • Windmills x10
  • 12 hour plank clock: merkinsx5, mountain climbersx5, star merkinsx5, peter parkersx5, wide merkinsx5

F3 Gone Bad: 1min. per station, go for max repetitions (reps), 8 sec. to transition to next station, after completing the 5th station, rest for 1min and 8 seconds (and tell Pox your score), then REPETO 4 times.  Kato provides the equipment and timer (complete with speakers and music), Pox provides instructions and encouragement (especially to Gump who needed it)

  1. Cinder block swings
  2. 12 foot Wallballs
  3. Jump rope (single unders)
  4. Overhead squats with PVC
  5. CDD off curb, head must touch ground each rep

Slow mosey for final COP and Mary

12hr plank clock: merkinsx4, mountain climbersx4, wide merkinsx4, plank jacksx4

Mary: LBCx50, Dying Cockroachx10, Homer-to-Marge (Skipper lead)


The slightly damp moleskin:

  • Always fun to be back at the helm, great to see so many new faces as we start the Rolling Stone Adventure.
  • Great to see the two Godfathers of the MECA region (Skipper and Gump) – weren’t we doing this with 7 guys at Highland creek a few years ago?
  • Note to future Q’s, out COP location should probably move, we caused some lights to go on in the houses close by
  • Question? – is it me or do the teachers at Harris Road come in early, you’d think we’d have 25 guys there based on the parking lot!
  • Special thanks to Kato for helping me out with all the equipment and planning for the Q – couldn’t do it without you brother
  • Prayers for Law Dawg and Family
  • Finally, welcome FNG no more: Whatley, don’t know who Whatley is see here: http://seinfeld.wikia.com/wiki/Tim_Whatley (see image below)


  • Pox: 210-200-190-210
  • Waterboy: 100-76-73-90
  • Skipper (Champion in reps and consistency): 230-232-235-234
  • Whatley: ?-167-158-180
  • Mattress King: 219-220-210-221
  • Flipper: 143-118-100-130
  • Danny (FNG): 133-115-off to work
  • Law Dawg (not friend to CDD): 188-183-173-183
  • Kato: counting challenged
  • Gump: 50-50-49-50 (what happeneed in round 3?)
  • Uggs: 152-144-136-148
  • Bling: 170-150-140-165
  • J-Lo: 182-152-154-143
  • Eggplant (got better with time – very strong): 200-213-215-220

Final note on scores, its not the total score that counts, its all about how hard you work.  Falling off in round 3  shows you were really pushing it.  Everyone hit it heavy in round 4 basically increasing the reps, that’s awesome, GREAT WORK PAX


11 thoughts on “Kato’s Equipment

  1. Pox Post author

    Pharaoh, you and your weightvest were missed. I’m out next week, but I”ll see you in October at Rolling Stone – stay strong!

  2. LawDawg

    “Stoners” I, for one, love it!

    Thank goodness for the jump rope. Group #3 had a competitive advantage because we were starting with the jump rope and could get a strong # right off the bat.

    @Pax, thanks so much for keeping my family in your thoughts and prayers. It’s truly a special thing to have so much support. Means more than I can put into words.

  3. Kato

    Pox: Great lead and I’m glad you suggested bringing out the stuff. It’s been a while since we’ve done an AMRAP. The CDD was the worst part for me.

    I couldn’t count to save my life this morning. By the 2nd or 3rd exercise, I’d lost count and was making up numbers in my head. I’ll blame it on 5 hours of sleep.

    T-claps to the PAX for pushing hard on what was a new workout for many of you.

    Great to see Bling, Gump, and Skipper out at the AO this morning.

    Looking forward to hearing about the Haiti trip at next Wednesday’s shield.

  4. Skipper

    I always love a @Pox and @Kato production, you can count on their being props and plenty of pain. I definitely wanted to checkout the AO before my Q next week, but you didn’t help me much with that since we stayed in one spot the whole workout. I guess we’ll do some wandering next Tues.
    @Pax – Great to meet all the new #Stoners. Its an amazing thing you got yourself mixed up in and I hope you keep posting and tell all men you know about it. #spreadtheF3love

    1. Pox Post author

      Great job waterboy. Keep showing and well keep dishing the pAin. Someday you can kick our butt when you q.

  5. WaterBoy

    Hi guys,
    We got a little concern raised on next-door about the noise……I tried to contact a few of you guys. Get me on twitter @WaterboyF3 or feel free to call my cell. I live in Moss creek so I could scout out the elementary school for use if needed. I will also try to post there later today about how good F3 is. I can see a change in just three sessions physically and spiritually.

    1. Kato

      Looking on Nextdoor now but can’t seem to find a post about the noise. Can you reply with a link to the post? I’ll be happy to get on as well to apologize and mention that we’ll explore options to ensure the noise isn’t a problem.

  6. WaterBoy

    Hey guys not sure if you can see the next-door post so I wanted to pass along a positive that came out of it. One person Eric was interested and I encouraged him to come on out.

    Also someone posted the info below and wanted me to pass it along…

    The Cox Mill High School High School Bible Teaching Association is hosting a 5K and Fun Run this Saturday at Frank Liske Park.

    Bring it on F3, Bring it on.

    Registration – 9:30 – 10: 50 AM
    Free Kid’s Fun Run Start – 10:15 AM
    5K Race Start – 11 AM

    5K Entry Fees:
    By Sept 1st – $20
    After Sept 1st – $23
    Race Day – $25

    Saturday, October 4, 2014 at Frank Liske Park.


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