The Mini El Dorado

9 PAX.  Cool bra.. Fall be in gear.  No Rains at de Trains.


Warm Up

Mosey Spring Street to Forest Hills Church

Circle Up for some SSH and Cotton Pickers

Mosey to North Union

Sprint every other block light jog in between back to library


The Thang

Start out lower level parking deck

10 merkins at bottom

Sprint stairs to top – 10 LBC’s

Sprint down to first level – 10 merkins

Run ramps back to top for 10 LBC’s

Sprint Down to first level – 10 merkins

Rinse and Repeato for 3 Cycles



6” leg lifts

25 LBC’s



Thanks for everyone who participated this nice cool morning.  The sprints down North Union killed the “Q” especially when Indy came up to the front and put pressure on “Q” who began to fade after the second sprint.

All is good that ends well. See you next time in the gloom…