Huffing and Puffing…That’s a Good Thing

Nine men came to run this morning. This is how it went down:

The Thang

After a one mile warm-up tour of Town Center, the Pax arrived at Harrisburg’s 400 meter hidden gem…just a block from Town Hall. That’s when we ratcheted up the intensity….5 x 800 meter repeats. We then eased off on the throttle with a half-mile cool-down.

Naked Moleskin

– @BBQ,….extra strong work…finished first on all five repeats….thought I had you on the last one, but you got me in the last 200 meters

– @Banjo Boy, @Casper, @Gamma, @RibShack, @Solo Cup – way to push yourselves real hard

– Nice to be graced by @Padre’s presence at a mid-week workout, and super work out there

– Adrian, way to work in a tough first post…..hope to see you again

5 thoughts on “Huffing and Puffing…That’s a Good Thing

  1. SSMinnow Post author

    I am glad for the opportunity to lead this workout, men. There was a lot of huffing and puffing during the breaks (including my own). That’s a good thing with this kind of workout….means you’re pushing your envelope. Regular speed work will help increase your speed … SSS

    1. RibShack

      @SSMinnow: Thanks for the strong lead & for circling back for we stragglers!

      @Adrian: Good job today, you fit right in. See you tomorrow in the Gloom!

      @SoloCup: Words of the day……..”To #$%^&* with all that walking over there, get to running!!” LOL………..thanks for the push!!

      1. SoloCup

        @SSMinnow- Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. I really enjoy running/learning from your posts.

        @Gamma- You were sneaking up behind me a few times on the sprints!

        @Adrian- It was great to meet you this morning. I am looking forward to getting to know you better

        @RibShack – you can walk with the old ladies on lunch break…

  2. Gamma

    Nice lead, Minnow…loved the change of pace.

    Solo Cup, definitely was trying to keep up with you as a way to push myself, but never quite got there. Either way, thanks for pushing me, albeit unknowingly!

  3. BBQ

    @SS Minnow – Enjoyed the 800m sprints. Thanks for pushing us. You said we’d complete 5 and that helped me set the goal in my head. As I said before, thanks for wearing the “target” on your back it helps too to push me. If a guy more than twice my age can do it, so can I. Aye!

    @Padre – enjoyed running with you this AM. Sorry for my surprised reaction when I first got out of the car. You should join us more often and I’ll treat you more like the others, right @Solo Cup?

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