The 4 x 100

Eleven PAX entered the ASEC pain chamber on a cool and breezy Tuesday morning…


Mosey to the ASEC backlot, SSH x 20

Mosey to the Northeast Rehab backlot, cotton pickers x 15

Mosey to the hospital lot across from the parking deck, imperial stormtroopers x 20

Mosey to Hill 218, sidewinders x 4

Mosey to the ASEC shelter


The 4 x 100 is a circuit of 4 body-weight exercises (merkens, LBCs, bench dips, air squats).  I used to do this every night in high school, it will get you cut if you stick with it. 

Round 1:

  • Merkens (single-count) x 40
  • LBCs (in cadence) x 40
  • Bench dips (single-count) x 40
  • Air squats (in cadence) x 40

Round 2:

  • Merkens (single-count) x 30
  • LBCs (in cadence) x 30
  • Bench dips (single-count) x 30
  • Air squats (in cadence) x 30

Round 3:

  • Merkens (single-count) x 20
  • LBCs (in cadence) x 20
  • Bench dips (single-count) x 20
  • Air squats (in cadence) x 20

Round 4:

  • Merkens (single-count) x 10
  • LBCs (in cadence) x 10
  • Bench dips (single-count) x 10
  • Air squats (in cadence) x 10

End result is we did 100 merkens, 200 LBCs, 100 bench dips, 200 air squats in about 20 minutes.  That’s a rep every 2 seconds, very efficient, no time wasted this morning…


  • In-and-outs w/hold for 1 minute
  • Alternating scissor kicks w/hold for 2 minutes


Strong effort from the PAX this morning.  The warm-up was a lot of running at a fairly brisk pace.  You could spot the ones who endured El Dorado yesterday morning, as they were bringing up the rear of the pack.  As for the Thang, I didn’t think we’d have time to get thru 100 reps.  Very impressed with everyone this morning, we just kept our heads down and kept knocking out the circuits with workmanlike-efficiency (and absolutely zero chatter).

Prayers go out to Cupid and his family for their upcoming move.  Also throw in a prayer to Liger’s upper body which is in need of serious recovery after this morning.

Also big welcome to FNG Lee Readling, our first PAX to join from Concord FD.  Hope you enjoyed it this morning, and hope you got a good burn in – you definitely didn’t seem to be struggling much with the WOD.

Until next time…

/Exit 54