Next exercise…10 – 1 Ladder

The shovel flag was planted and 13 men wandered off into the gloom for a 10-1 ladder fest.


Mosey through parking lot with Stoli skips

up the stairs for karaoke to BB courts

Windmills x 10IC

Cotton Pickers x 10IC

SSH x 15IC

Burpee ladder 10 to 1 #crowdpleaser

The Thang

Mosey to picnic tables by portables

10 – 1 ladder: Box Jumps / LBC

Mosey to guard rail

10 – 1 ladder: Dips / Merkins

Mosey to playground

10 – 1 ladder: Pull-ups / Squats

Mosey to grass field

10 – 1 ladder: CDD (bear crawl to next tree) Apolo Ohno’s


10 – 1 ladder: LBC / Reverse Crunch

Naked Moleskin

-A BS call during warm-o-rama? Gotta love the Men of Highlands, there’s always¬† a prankster amongst us

-We have a few injured PAX and they keep posting regardless of their injuries. One thing we can say about F3 is that there is always something for everyone and the PAX will always support those in recovery mode. T-Claps to those posting with injuries and putting in the effort

-Thanks for having me as it’s always a pleasure leading Highlands.

-To those that have not signed up for a Q spot…stop reading this, log in and sign up!

3 thoughts on “Next exercise…10 – 1 Ladder

  1. Charmin

    @ Gulfstream – Tough one today. Was able to grind through the 10 to 1 burpees. However by the time we were done with the box jumps the hip flexors were done. Great job today.

  2. Dropcloth

    Nice beatdown @Gulfstream! Starting out with the burpee ladder was just wrong in all the right ways!

    I will have to admit the dip/merkin ladder about did me in on the last few sets – my triceps were spent!

    Nice job working every muscle group during this session!

  3. Gulfstream Post author

    Thanks again for allowing me to Q, always a pleasure.

    Everyone of you pushed yourself today, 10-1 ladders on everything is an excellent workout and can be tough at times.

    My fav was CDD straight into bear crawls, you’re down there already, why not bear crawl.

    And the Dip to Merkins was also a pax fav, triceps never had chance to recover, glad you like it @DropCloth.

    @Charmin It’s good to see you out there, injured or not. Just don’t push it too hard, we don’t need you IR for any longer than necessary.

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