I would really like this one, if I could run

25 strong rolled out of bed early on a Saturday to take a cool stroll through the park.  Things heated up quick and they went a little something like this:

Quick mosey down the hill to the lower parking lot….Picking up Chaos along the way so that he wouldn’t have to run quite so far. #setyourclockforwardifyouhaveto

Warm-up (x denotes 4-count cadence):

Windmill x 12

Merkins x 10

SSH x 25

Mountain Climbers x 20

10 Burpees (OYO)

Mosey to the track around the soccer fields.

Indian Run Relay

Split up into two groups, with each group starting at opposite corners of the track.  The back runner from each group will do 5 merkins and then run to catch the other group (Runner from Group 1 will run to catch Group 2 and the Runner from Group 2 will run to catch Group 1).  When the runners catch the other group, then the back runner will drop and do 5 merkins and will run to catch the other group.

Mosey to the bottom of the hill by the railroad tracks

9:1 Ladder  (Burpees at the bottom and Air Squats at the top)

Mosey to the end of the sod field

Jack Webbs up (1 merkin / 2 air presses)  up to 10

Mosey down the hill to the pond

Jack Webbs (1 merkin / 2 air presses) down from 10

AYG up the hill to the shelter

Dips x 10

10 each leg Step Ups

10 Derkins

Inclined Merkins x 10

Dips x 8

8 each leg Step Ups

8 Derkins

Inclined Merkins x 8

Dips x 6

6 each leg Step Ups

6 Derkins

Inclined Merkins x 7

Dips x 4

5 each leg Step Ups

6 Derkins

Inclined Merkins x 4

Dips x 2

2 each leg Step Ups

2 Derkins

Inclined Merkins x 2

Dips x 1

1 each leg Step Ups

1 Derkins

Inclined Merkins x 1


LBC x 15

Low Dolly x 15

Low Flutter x 15

J-Lo x 15

Homer to Marge

Naked Moleskin:

1) As always I am humbled to lead this fine group.  I am always amazed at the level of effort that everyone puts in to these workouts…Even when the Q can’t seem to get it right.

2) Welcome out to Matt (FNG).  I am glad that you chose to come on out.   We hope to see you make it out for another work out.

3) T-Claps to the 8 or so others that chose to double down with Constitution’s 6:00AM trail through the dark side….Note:  Headlamp is a must.

4) I am glad no one called BS on the Indian Run Relay….Good times.

5) Sorry for delirious counting on the push-o-rama phase.  I think Kraut said that he was Q-ing that part.  Good thing, because that was no fun.



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  1. Bull2 Post author

    Good work today, men. Way to get after it. Thanks for staying with me through extra counts…I just thought we could do a little more.

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