Bay City Rollers Commemorative Beatdown

    Seven mighty men showed up for a beatdown commemorating the 39th anniversary of the Bay City Rollers’ first performance in the US. (Though I doubt all of them were old enough to remember the BCRs)

Partner Up
Take 25lb gravel bag and jog to Mall via Country Club Road


SSH 20x
Cotton Pickers 15x
Air Squats 15x
Merkins 15x
Alternating Jump Lunges 10x

    The Thang

Mosey with bag to JCP side
Situps/Military press 15x – 2 sets

Mosey to Sears side
Bear Crawl/goblet squats (til bears come home) 2 sets

Mosey to Staples
Lunge/curls (til lungs comes home) 2 set

Mosey to Sears
Crab walk/gravel bag swings (till crabs come home) 2 sets

Mosey to Mary


2 minute plank

    Naked Moleskin

6am. Dark out now.  Temps in the low 60s  wasn’t sure how hard this was going to be – a decent amount of running with gravel bags, but when these guys showed up, I knew we’d get-r-done.

total black-out and no head-lamps running behind the cinemas behind Carolina Mall.  we all popped out the other side and up the hill to the Belk’s parking lot.

Hadn’t done alternating lunge jumps in a while (now I remember why…)

2nd week in a row that I’ve noticed a long line to the entrance to the mall form at around 7am.  Some big sale we were missing?

At one of our pain stations, a nice pickup backed up almost into the place we were standing.  Had to hold Exit 54 back before he picked up the backend of the pickup and moved it over.  Mmmm. to be 30’s with all that Testosterone again…

Crabwalks took everyone down a notch or two.

A lot of work, except for Riggs who looked like it was no effort at all for him.

Awesome morning, awesome job, and awesome fellowship afterward at Starbucks.
Thanks for indulging me, gentlemen.

Until next time in the gloom,