Down the Yellow Stick Road…..

Pax of Seven assembled for KB’s in the Damp Harrisburg Gloom. Glad the rain finished up before our post!

Assembly: Walk KB’s three lots over, one arm in air with KB, alternate arms halfway or as needed, place KB’s for later use.



Snap Crackle Pop Mosey to get things moving

Circle Up for warmup exercises

16- Side Straddle Hop (odd # for Solo Cup’s psyche)

15- Imperial Storm Trooper

15- Plankjack

10- Air Squat

11- Cotton Picker (nope, 15# after false accusations that YHC called out wrong exercise)

10- Windmill

yellow stick

KB Sidebar @ Yellow Stick Road: Pick, Place & Pass- pick right, curl, place, curl, pass left, last guy sprint to front, continue to end until everyone is done (kind of a cluster this morning, not sure if it was the early hour & fogginess of mind but we’ll get it right next time!)

Pole Hug Squat

KB Thang: Circle/Line Up- Exercise at each station, rep & movement as noted

Upright Row

SA Goldilocks

Triceps Extension (standing, overhead)

Lawnmower Row

OYS Chest Press

Staggered Triceps Extension (standing, like a row except backwards, working triceps)

5 circuits as time & body allowed


25- KB LBC (KB held up)

15- KB Mason Twist (heels on ground optional)

20- People’s Choice- Reverse Crunch courtesy of Schedule C

+++Goblet of Fire- OYO, ALAYC+++ (KB Salute to Clueless for winning this yet again, however Casper was a close second, strong work guys!)



  1. F3 @ Harrisburg Park @ 7am, Bull Run/Mud Run Prep at 6am. (????’s leading)
  2. Food Bank Donations- Soup, soup & more soup! See Solo Cup or Schedule C to turn items in.
  3. Need Q’s to lead. Only 2-3 sign ups so far for October. With over 24x per month there are plenty of opportunities to lead but way to many for just  few to carry the load.


6 thoughts on “Down the Yellow Stick Road…..

  1. RibShack Post author

    Tclaps to the Pax for their hard work this morning. It was an honor….
    Apologies for the mix up on on the sticks, sounded too simple last night but the execution didn’t pan out. Front man starts with no KB, last man has to get to front before front man is done..simple simple simple…..#headslaps
    @Schedule C- good chatting this morning, good word on hypothetical “cheating”, not only do we let ourselves down but cut short the Pax as a whole. ISI
    @SSMinnow & Casper- you guys are an inspiration, still going on the walk back to the flag!
    @Tumbler- just when I think I might be doing something you show up with your double 40’s & kick butt!
    @SoloCup- as always, thanks for the support. Don’t forget your watch next time!
    @Clueless- you’re the rock star as usual..all those merkins you snuck in during planking up & in between circuits didn’t go unnoticed! When’s your first Q?
    @BBQ- ya beat me up on Wed, was hoping to reciprocate today #fartsacker
    One Question I cringe to know the answer to: There’s only one way to get the flag to the next meeting after taking it home isn’t there? @#$%^&*

  2. BBQ

    @Ribshack – looks like another good one. Sorry I missed it. I just couldn’t get enough running Wed so I was out getting in a few extra miles with the M this AM. Get me back next time brother.

  3. SSMinnow

    @RibShack … one reason I like F3 workouts is to get more of a full body workout than just running…..this KB workout smoked the upper half!

    @ScheduleC … it sounds like you will get another workout this evening in hauling your equipment to the band shell at Freedom Park

  4. Nick Witte

    @RibShack… another great KB workout! Fun stuff for sure. As for my first Q… I just signed up for 10/7. There may be a merkin or two in the mix.

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