I think “recover” means hidden burpee

20 faithful to watch a few of the PAX do hidden burpees, you’re welcome, ha!

(X equals in cadence)


Mosey in parking lot, circle up for:  20X SSH, 10X Windmill

Mosey again in parking lot, circle up for:  10X IST, 10X ISQ (Imperial Squats)

Mosey again in parking lot, circle up for:  10X Merkins, 10X Mountain Climbers, Plank and hold counting by 2’s until PAX has finished


Mosey to Wall

  • Peoples Chair (:30 seconds), jog to light pole (with no light on) and sprint back to wall
  • Peoples Chair (:45 seconds, at :20sec mark do 10X Arm/Air Presses (Tumbler, whatever works for you bud)
  • 10X LBC
  • Peoples Chair (:30 seconds), jog to opposite end/yellow poles

Mosey to Parking Lot (line up 1 man per white line of the parking spaces, 1’s on left, 2’s on right)

  • 1’s Plank while 2’s 10X Plank Jacks (Flap Jack)
  • All PAX 20X SSH
  • 1’s Plank while 2’s 10X Peter Parkers (Flap Jack)
  • All PAX 15X SSH

Mosey to Hill for 11’s (elevens)

  • OYO – Start at bottom, run to top of hill for 1 Air Squat, run back down (same side) to bottom of hill for 10 Incline Merkins, run back up for 2 Air Squats, back down for 9 Incline Merkins (keep going and total numbers equal 11:  3-8, 4-7, 5-6, 6-5, 7-4, 8-3, 9-2, 10-1
  • PAX that finished early, did LBC OYO, 10X Air Squats…..then all PAX incline Plank on curb for :30 seconds
  • Run to top of hill, 11X SSH

Mosey down other side of hill

  • 11X Decline Merkins

Indian Run from hill to stop sign, circling back and finishing as one (no man left behind)

Mosey to Parking Lot (line up 1 man per white line of the parking spaces, 1’s on left, 2’s on right)

  • 1’s Plank while 2’s 10X Parker Peters (Flap Jack)
  • All PAX 20X IST



10X Low Flutter

:45 seconds Plank (:20 right arm up, :30 left arm up)

10X Low Dolly (when finished hold legs up to start High Dolly)

10X High Dolly (when finished drop 6 inches from top based on Q and hold, drop to 6 inches above the ground based on Q and hold)

:45 seconds Plank (:20 right arm up, :30 left arm up)

15X W

10X Plank Jacks


  1. Great work men, admittedly YHC has a sinus infection and wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to hold cadence count….lost my breath a couple of times so thank you for staying strong with me.
  2. Gamma and a few others – well, my plan worked….”recover” was actually code for “secret hidden burpee”….at the rate I was going, you probably added about 20 extra burpees.  My fault completely, mentally I think I just wanted to tell myself to recover. #itsnotalieifyoubelieveit
  3. Jazz and Fusion – welcome back, strong work and as I saw you two pushing hard this morning, I can’t wait for a Jazz/Fusion co-led workout….just the names alone Jazz-Fusion…sounds like a beatdown.
  4. Thanks SoloCup for counting the 1’s group
  5. Is it legal for Constitution to be wearing a “Vote Ron Paul” shirt?
  6. Food Pantry items as always
  7. See Deuce about Flag Football Sunday’s or something about cheer leading if you’re up for it
  8. Harrisburg Iron tomorrow
  9. And lastly….see Chaos about Spartan, just mention that 1 word and you’re good to go


10 thoughts on “I think “recover” means hidden burpee

  1. Billy Goat Post author

    Strong work men and remember what was said in the COT, go about your day caring for someone else, thinking about someone else and doing something for someone else. The morning workout will make your body healthy, it’s on us as F3 Harrisburg to make our souls healthy and spread that to others around us.

  2. BBQ

    Tclaps and Kotters Billy Goat! You should come out more often. Just before we launched, Ribshack looked at me and asked “is this his first time leading or has he not been out since I started coming? – don’t remember seeing him before.”

    1. Billy Goat Post author

      Nice….well as one of the original Harrisburg F3’ers from June 4, 2013…I’ll take it and add it to the ragging I received from Gamma, Solo Cup, Gapper, Banjo Boy, etc, etc. Always refreshing to get EH’d before, during and after a workout.

      @Rib Shack – Don’t worry, wasn’t my first Q, but just ask Gamma and Gapper, they are much smarter men now knowing Chicago Cubs history. Go CUBS!!! 2.5 games out of last place sneaking up the National League Central with 10 games to go.

  3. SoloCup

    It’s always an excellent time when Billy Goat comes out. I didn’t notice you messed up on the recover thing. though I’m pretty sure I’ve messed up there as well.

  4. Gamma

    Strong lead, Billy Goat. Although I’m not counting your Cubs-themed workout as an official first Q. We’re better than that…..

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