Wednesday morning turn and burn without the run!!

15 men showed up this morning requesting a workout which delivered muscle impact, and less running. Just my type of workout. Here is what it involved. Thanks again to everyone, and I am sorry for the one person I missed this morning. Take care, and have a great day!!

Side Straddle Hop- 12 in cadence
Wind Mills- 12 in cadence
Carolina Dry Docks- 12 in cadence
Merkins- 12 in cadence
Diamond Merkins- 10 single count
Wide Merkins- 10 single count
Merkins – 10 more before heading over to field

Head over to the field (Pair up with someone)
**** you can alternate back and forth if you would like
Partner 1 (Pull Up Bars) Partner 2 (at picnic table)
15 Pull Ups 20 incline merkins
15 Chin Ups 20 dips on picnic table
15 High Knees 20 decline merkins
Chin above bar and hang for 30 sec’s 20 more dips on picnic table
After you have completed switch

Move over to Dip Bars
Partner 1 Partner 2
Walk 1st section/25 pull ups/walk bar 20 LBC’s, 20 air squats, 20 carolina dry docks

Repeat this same thing again

Let’s mosey over and pick up some cinder blocks
1. Perform 20 arm curls with cinder blocks in cadence.
2. Perform 20 raised cinder blocks over your heads in cadence.
3. Perform 20 skull crushers with cinder blocks in cadence lying on your back
4. Perform 20 raised chest presses with cinder blocks in cadence on your back
5. Perform 20 air presses while holding cinder blocks

1. 12 low dollys in cadence
2. 12 low flutter’s in cadence
3. 12 count in cadence LBC’s
4. 12 count in cadence Squirm
5. 12 count dying cockroach
6. Finish with 20 merkins on your own

3 thoughts on “Wednesday morning turn and burn without the run!!

  1. Pharaoh

    @Kemosabe – sounds like a nice workout! I decided to visit Concord today which you would have not enjoyed as it was running through town with a few pain stations.

  2. Kemosabe Post author

    Guys I really enjoyed the workout this morning. Forgotten Jelly said he wanted a tough workout this morning around 5:29am as we were warming up. I hope I delivered b/c I looked over about half way through the workout and he had “forgotten” what size cinder block he choose to start with and ended up changing it out to a smaller one :). I hope you got what you were looking for this morning.

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