I’m not keeping score

5 members of the PAX left town ceneter to get stronger and faster. Even better, the same number of Road Warriors that left also returned.

Casual mosey to Harrisburg Park (a mere 1.2 miles)

Once inside the park, YHC noticed the score board was on but assured the PAX he wasn’t keeping score…well maybe not. YHC gave the orders:

  • Run down the far right parking lot driveway to the track.
  • Once you hit the track turn right and increase your speed (think tempo run).
  • Continue on the track all the way around both fields.
  • After passing the playground, veer right up the path back to the starting point.
  • At the top complete, 10 jump squats and 10 air squats OYO
  • Lap is around 0.5 mile. Rinse and repeat until YHC calls time (NOTE: the only recovery/mosey was the down hill to the track, once the PAX hit the track it was game on).

At 0600 YHC called time and the PAX moseyed back. YHC thought he’d lost @Gamma but was pleased to see he was up ahead and rejoined the PAX at Roberta Rd.

Arrived late, already completed by Warrior One PAX.

COT (Solo Cup takes us out)


  • Believe the PAX completed around 4 laps (plus the warm-up and run back) for a total of 5+ miles. Here’s YHC’s watch stats.
  • @Gamma – you almost had us beat. Had the light at Roberta not slowed you down, you would have taken home first place this AM. Better luck next time.
  • @Ribshack – glad I didn’t “leave you” again. You really looked strong out there. Glad to have you out.
  • @SS Minnow – thanks for running with me during the laps. Your running pace and ability is amazing.
  • @Banjo Boy – iron truly does sharpen iron. Saw the Twitter pic posted by Solo Cup Monday – you’re not even the same person.

7 thoughts on “I’m not keeping score

  1. BBQ Post author

    Forgot to mention @SS Minnow nearly had to save my life. We passed Bojangles and approached the next intersection. Our light was green so we kept going through the cross walk. I noticed the truck about to turn right but he wasn’t in the cross walk so we proceeded on. Even with all my flashy gear (white shirt, reflective vest, and headlamp) and as I raised my hand to get the their attention and say thanks, I heard the engine rev. Thankfully they realized I was in front of their huge chrome bumper and they stopped. Lesson learned, never assume they actually see you with all the gear.

  2. SSMinnow

    Nice new Road Warrior variation, @BBQ…always enjoy pushing the speed limit with you

    Excellent work by @Rib Shack, @Gamma, and @Banjoy Boy too….glad we were able to get a little chit-chat in during the runs to and from the park

    I commented to @Banjo Boy that Highway 49 at 6:00 am looked more like Indepedence Blvd at rush hour….we do need to stay ever vigilant

  3. Gamma

    Well if I’m allowed to do fewer laps that you every time, I can always take first place!

    Seriously, way to mix it up and push the pace, especially on the intervals. It’s the only way us clydesdales will get faster.

  4. Starsky

    Left my shoes on an island. No serious running until the new ones arrive hopefully on Monday. On another note, I am running with 2.1 as she trains for her first 5k. Looks fun today, hate I missed.

  5. BBQ Post author

    “Left my shoes on an island…” really, that’s the best excuse you got? And who said we did “serious” running anyway? Good to hear about the 2.1, gotta start ’em early.

  6. RibShack

    @BBQ- thanks for leading us out…..hate to drag you guys down & have you circle back but thanks for letting me tag along, elephant stomps & wheezing aside.
    @Gamma- thanks again for the support for the Clydesdale Class

  7. BBQ Post author

    @Ribshack – no way you drug us down. I’m glad to have you out pushing yourself. Your motivation is contagious. Keep it up.

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