Who Let the Skunks Out?

27 men sought to get stronger by posting at The Ridge.

Mosey up Raging Bull Rd, stopping at the first intersection.
SSH x15
Merkins x10

Continue to the next intersection.
Windmill x10

All on the curb for an Indian Plank. Last guy does 5 Merkins then sprints to the end….3 times through the pax.

Mosey to the middle school entrance.
SSH x15 (for Chaos)
Air Squats x10

Continue around the school to the downhill sidewalk. Bear Crawl down until the lead hits the bottom.
Dips x10
Incline Merkins x10
Bear Crawl back up until the lead hits the top.
To the wall for People’s Chair until everyone arives, then Air Presses x30

Mosey around the front of the school to the main driveway.
10 Curb Merkins, sprint to the other side, 9 Curb Merkins, sprint back…..down to 1 Curb Merkin.

2-line Indian Run back towards the high school, stopping in plank a couple times to let the six catch up.

Jail break the last ~200 yards to the starting point, then circle up for Mary.

LBC x25
One Legged Low Flutters x10 each side
The W x15
Crunchy Frog x15 (Solo Cup)
The Squirm x15 (Billy Goat)
Low Dolly x15 (Diesel)
Freddy Mercury x10 (Othello)
Mason Twist x10 (Clueless)

1. Not sure where the skunk smell was coming from, but everyone might want to check their grill or underneath their cars.
2. Countertop suggested we low crawl (on the road) instead of running during the Indian Planks. Love the enthusiasm, but I’m a little scared of his first lead…
3. At least one fancy watch had us just short of 2 miles covered today. Nice work, men.
4. If you’re on twitter, be sure to check out the picture Solo Cup posted yesterday (from a 5k in 2011) of him and some hefty guy who apparently ate Banjo Boy.


12 thoughts on “Who Let the Skunks Out?

  1. Gamma Post author

    Nice work today. Tried to keep moving and get off the reservation a bit. Big thanks to all the pax for showing up.

    Welcome back out to Jazz, Fusion and Bewitched. Keep coming out and will get stronger.

  2. BBQ

    @Gamma – great lead! Loved the variety and running (no surprise there, huh?). Welcome back from Haiti, I’d love to hear more about your experience and the PAX that joined you.

  3. Chaos

    Gamma – great to see you made it back from your Haitian Vacation to lead a fun beatdown right out of the gate – (I did make it before SSH so technically I wasn’t late) – Jazz, Fusion & Bewitched: Welcome to the CSAUP!

  4. Billy Goat

    The added pain of fire ants on the hand added for a nice surprise beatdown during the curb merkin/plank-o-rama. Special thanks to BBQ, SoloCup and Gamma for the warm welcome after 2 months….I wouldn’t have expected it any other way.

  5. BanjoBoy

    Good one today Gamma. @Solocup and I wrestled a couple of bee’s nests and doughnut trucks before that first ever 5k (for me). That was about #40 and 2min/mile ago. #neveragain

    Kotters to Billy Goat. You got faster while you were gone…
    Welcome to the Gloom Jazz, Fusion, & Bewitched.

  6. RibShack

    @Gamma, you brought it today, thanks for the mix up. Same ole same ole but in a new format was “fun”.
    @Othello, thanks for the chatter today
    @the Jazz twins, welcome back out, you guys are doing great!
    @Bewitched, good to see you for your 2nd post, fitting right in man, glad to have you!

  7. Colonel Mustard

    @Gamma – Did you not wash your close when you returned from Haiti? I told you that would be wrong to Q in those shorts.

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