A Traditional Boot Camp (Back to the Basics)

20 men gathered in the cool gloom for a good ole fashion boot camp. No WIBs or WODs here today.

#Disclaimer was heard and then we were off into the gloom

Mosey to the Basketball Courts/Parking Lot

SSH x15
IST x15
Windmill x15
Merkins x15

Ring of Fire:
Count off to get your number

Complete exercises in a circle until Q calls a number. That PAX member runs around the circle back to their spot and then the PAX completes the called out exercise. The PAX completed several rounds of the following:
Lunges with Burpees
Bear Crawls with Merkins
Crab Walks with Squats

Mosey to the back to the Wall of Pleasure

People’s Chair with Air Presses and then Merkins in Front
Start at 12 and then work your way down to 1
For Example:
People’s Chair with 12 Air Presses and then 12 Merkins
People’s Chair with 11 Air Presses and then 11 Merkins
All the way down to 1

Mosey to front Parking Lot. The PAX will complete a series of exercises between the light poles and then mosey back to the starting point for the next series.
Lunges/Bunny Hop/Lunges
Plank Walk/Lateral Slides/Plank Walk
Backward Run/Karaoke/Backwards Run

Mosey to front of the Elementary School
Partner up and run through two cycles of Wheelbarrows

Mosey to middle lot in front of school for MARY
Low Flutter
Low Dolly
Mason Twist
Homer to Marge
Reverse Crunch

– It felt great to be back at the helm of Highlands. A bunch a new faces in COT this morning which is always great to see. It’s Fall so I hope to see many more FNG’s. Continue to put the EH on men you know could benefit from what F3 has to offer. They may not know they need it but just get them out to the first workout and they will see.
– Great effort today men! I heard some mumble chatter this morning during the Ring of Fire, maybe something to do with the exercises I called out?
– We had two FNG’s join us this morning via Tank with one of them getting his name today after his third post. I guess Tank forgot. So welcome to Adam (Rickie Bobby) and Jaren.
– Thanks for stepping up to Q the Cruise tomorrow Bling. Throw your name on SUG so it’s official.
– If you are looking for Q School sign up then look no further, here is the link: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0844aba62ca7ff2-f3qschool

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  1. Colonel Mustard Post author

    @Skipper – That was Tank that named him. 🙂 He is however the co-host of NASCAR Race Hub I believe. Just looked him up, hard to tell in the gloom if the face matches though.

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