Special Guest Q Appearance by Mickey Mouse

Another fine gloom at this great new Rolling Stone AO (complete with genuine Cabarrus County School System grass – no fake or burnt out stuff here.)  Shovel flag planted before the nine strong heard YHC spit the disclaimer and Mosey out of parking lot with active warm-o-rama:
– Imperial Storm Walkers
– High Knees
– Butt Kickers

COP in bus lot
– SSH x 19 IC
– Air Squats x 15 IC
– Merkins x 1 IC (Car! Mosey!)

The Thang
Mosey to track for Four Corners
– Merkins x 15 IC
– Lunge half of straight away; AYG to the end
– CDD x 10 IC (Mickey Mouse makes guest appearance as Q)
– AYG along the curve
– LBC x 20 IC
– AYG the length of the straight away
– Partner press x 15 OYO
– AYG along the curve
– Rinse and repeat with Burpee Broad Jumps in place of lunges

Mosey out of track to school wall
– Donkey Kicks x 20 OYO
– People’s Chair x 1:15
– Balls to the Wall x AYG (as long as you can hold it)
– Rinse and repeat

Mosey through bus lot to school front entrance
– Partner 1 – Box Jump (or step up/knee up) x 20 OYO
– Partner 2 – LBC x 40 single count OYO
– Flap Jack
– Rinse and repeat

Mosey to upper parking lot for Mary:
– Pretzel Crunch L. x 15 IC
– Pretzel Crunch R. x 15 IC
– Rosalita x 20 IC
– Low Dolly x 15 IC
– Rosa-Dolly x 15 IC


– Convergence at Concord (All Saints Church) – this Saturday @ 7am; No other Saturday workouts in MeCa; details including link to location map in the daily email
– October 11 – Beatdown and Chowdown at Tradition (StoneBridge Church) – Dredd, OBT to Q and discuss Freed to Lead; Pancake breakfast afterward
– Q School – Sept 19-20 – sign up info in the daily email (link includes timing and location details.)
– Interested in Qing at Rolling Stone?  See the footer of the daily email for info and to sign up.

Boulder Bootcamp Moleskin:
– Explored a little bit more of the new AO; lots more to cover. Haven’t even touched Odell ES next door or the clubhouse down the road.  Lots more fun to come!
– Good to have @Eggplant return in the gloom – second beatdown and he already takes the crown for holding the longest B2W… he’ll have to face @Avalanche next!
– Thanks to the clown cars out of Tradition for joining us today… and thanks(?) for the mumblechatter.  You guys could at least get on key if you’re going to squeak the rep count like YHC.  I… uhhh… must be coming down with something.  My throat is scratchy… uh, must be allergies. Or an early season cold.
– @Blindside – fine demonstration of your speed on those rounds of four corners!  You need to join us tomorrow in the gloom for Highlands Speed.  Impressive.
– @Kato – gutsy, brother.  You keep digging deep and overcoming the pain.  I hope it’s not getting worse and that you can continue to post… it’s good having you out there.
– Failed to mention it in our Ball o’ Man, but let’s keep all those who were lost or lost loved ones on 9/11 in our thoughts or prayers today.

2 thoughts on “Special Guest Q Appearance by Mickey Mouse

  1. Pox

    Welcome to eggplant! I’ll see you in the gloom in another week at rolling stone.

    Pax lets get some more recruits.

  2. FunkyBunch

    Chowder great lead as always. The mumble chatter was hilarious. Nothing like a good sweat and a good laugh to start the day.

    Welcome Eggplant. It was good partnering up with you even though you kicked me in the head twice.

    What a great AO! Look forward to visiting again soon.

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