The Challenge (no ice bucket required)

17 men gathered around the shovel flag at The Ridge to see what YHC brought out. No tires or ice buckets were included in the beatdown. Just a watch and willpower.

WARM-UP (x denotes cadence):
SSH x 25
Windmill x 10
IST x 15
Mtn climber x 20 (just seemed fitting post-BRR)
Mosey to end of soccer field

5 minute challenge – 2 exercises, 60 seconds, 5x, OYO

  • 20 Merkins / 20 LBCs (after 5x, PAX sprints 50 yards)
  • 20 Air Squats / 20 CDD (PAX sprints 50 yards)
  • 20 Wide Merkins / 20 J-Lo (PAX mosey to picnic tables)
  • 20 Incline Merkins / 20 Dips
    YHC shared the bad news… no time for the Decline Merkin challenge for fear of missing Mary. @Paris agreed so the PAX moseyed back.

At pavement, jailbreak back to shovel flag.

MARY (x denotes cadence):
Wait! There is time for one more challenge…
20 LBC / 20 Ws
Finish with Mason Twist x 20



  • Great showing this AM guys. Good to lead another beatdown with the PAX. Not much mubblechatter this AM, was everyone still asleep?
  • With all the running from the BRR, YHC pulled out @Gamma’s backblast used after his NC Half. YHC modified it slightly but didn’t count up all the merkins. Looks like 300 merkins, 100 CDD, and 100 dips. Yeah, arms, chest, and shoulders are now smoked.
  • This Saturday Concord is celebrating their 1-year anniversary. All PAX from the MECA AO will converge. NO WORKOUT AT HARRISBURG PARK SATURDAY. Instead meet at All Saints Episcopal Church in Concord.

5 thoughts on “The Challenge (no ice bucket required)

  1. SSMinnow

    @BBQ Smoked arm is a good name for this workout! Haven’t focused on the arms and core lately…nice change of pace.

  2. Titleist

    Wow…Just wow. Yesterday I caught wind of @GnarlyGoat’s Merkin Monday challenge at about 4 pm. The challenge was 30 merkins an hour from 8am – 8pm and so I did what I could…ended up doing 2 sets of 90 merkins and that smoked me. In fact, I achieved muscle failure at 181 trying to catch up. So, when I got there today (late) I walked into dry docks and then the picnic bench inclines crushed me. I have a hard time lifting my arms now. My towel was so heavy after the shower I almost dropped it…now that’s an image you don’t want in your head! lol. Great lead, BBQ. You continue to push me and I really appreciate it. Good seeing everyone today.

  3. escalade

    BBQ – I really, really wanted to go back to sleep this morning. But then I thought, No! BBQ is out there leading the Bootcamp after feeling just as tired and crappy as I do. That was a great lead! The upper body needed to feel just as bad as the lower body. Thanks.

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