The Soccer Field is Closed

12 men with 1 FNG joined in the gloom for our first post in Haiti. The roaster was crowing so that was our signal to get started.


Mosey to Soccer Field but ops it was locked

So lets do this instead…

Mosey down the street

SSH x15
Merkins x15
Monkey Humpers x15
Air Squats x15

Mosey to the next street away from the barking dogs

Partner Up for the following: one partner completes an exercise below while the other runs to the gate and back.

Air Squats until partner returns
Merkins until partner returns
LBC until partner returns

Mosey to the next street away from the barking dogs

Lunges to the next driveway
5 Burpees
Lunges to the next driveway
5 Burpees

Mosey back to starting point and plank until the 6 returns

A little Mary in between:
Low Flutter
Low Dolly
Reverse Crunch

Mosey on down the road and partner up

Partner Derkins x20
Partner LBS x20
Switch when partner completes his set

Mosey to Wall

People’s Chair
Wide Merkins x15
People’s Chair
Diamond Merkins x15

Mosey to soccer field which was now open for MARY

Around the circle we went:
Mason Twist
Freddie Mercury
Superman Banana
Franks something?
Plank Jack
Crunchy Frog
Homer to Marge

Bikini Moleskin:

1. After the soccer field was closed I had no clue where to go but I think we made it work on the backroads of Haiti.
2. Thanks for hanging in there Frank, way to push through brother.
3. I wasn’t sure if we were going to be attacked by the dogs or not but we made it out of that corner of the compound safely. After escaping the dogs then we met Mr. Roaster in the tree but he stayed there.

A Couple Lines About our Day in Haiti:
– Road Trip up to the country side to Shambon to have church service at Valley of Hope
– Loaded up the Haitian kids and took them down to the riverside and played in the river
– Took a trip to downtown Port au Prince to see some of the devastation from the Earth Quake. What a site to see and smell on the way there…