Just a taste

The three bull runners (cause ere-body else dominiating BRR) came back to find 14 more men ready to start the weekend off right with the slightest taste of what our boys out west were doing.  Really just a molecule of taste… but we did more burpees 🙂


Warmarama – Mosey to the top of the mountain bike trail and go through the woods to the pond and circle up.  In 4x cadence, SSH x20, Slow windmill x10, Low Squat x10, Rudy 5?

Finish the Mtn bike trail (watch those roots!) and circle up on the field.  This one is for the #ridgerunners!

Mtn Climber x10, Air Squat x10, Cross Climber x10, 1 leg calf raises x10 each side (single), Double Climber/Low donkey kick x10

Where did the bleachers go?  No matter, to the fence!  Two groups, Group 1, dips x20.  Group 2, Hand release merkins x10. Swich, then repeato. ”  #armssmoked

Dewy Quadraphilia x5Min.

Back to the field for Plank-0-rama.
30 second on the elbows then left arm up, right arm up.  SSHx10
30 seconds on your hands then left arm to right knee x10, vise versa x10, SSH
Mahktar N’dye x10, right arm first, x10 left arm first

Mosey to the playgroud… get off the slide, Chaos.  Two groups. 1-Pullups x10, 2-burpees x10. Switch, repeat

Peoples Chair – 30 seconds both legs, 15 right, 15 left

Up to the picnic tables, pick one.  Incline merkin x10, Dips x10, Step up x10 each leg, Decline Merkin x10.  Repeato x3

Circle up for Mary: LBC x20, Bicycle x20, Squirm x20, Homer 2 Marge, Reverse crunch x15



  • Great work today men.  Glad to see a strong turnout even with so many out doing other awesome things.
  • Prayers to Gamma, Starsky, and crew in Haiti.  Congrats to the #ridgerunners on dominating the mountains of WNC.
  • Lots of mumblechatter on the last set at the picnic tables.  Mary was so close…  It sucked for me too, if it makes you feel any better.  A lot of this looked better on paper.  It always does.
  • Soup for the food pantry, SWAGGA 5k, Chosen 10miler.  Lots to choose from.

Banjo Boy… OUT!

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