Winchester Driveway Bells

4 me posted in Dingoes driveway for a Kettlebell beatdown.  Due to the M wanting to do FiA I had to modify my workout schedule.  A couple of the neighborhood guys decided that the even shorter commute was for them also.

The Thang;

Short Mosey

15 x SSH

Stretching exercises

  1. Tricep extension x 12 each arm, 10, 8
  2. Kettlebell swing x12
  3. curl x 12
  4. REPEAT X 3
  1. Kettlebell squat x 12, 10, 8
  2. Skull Crusher x 12
  3. Kettle bell lunge x 12 each leg
  4. REPEAT X 3
  1. Lawmower pulls x 12, 10, 8
  2. Chest Press x 12
  3. Halo x 12
  4. Repeat x 3
  1. Pullover x 12, 10, 8
  2. LBC x 12
  3. Mason Twist x 12
  4. Repeat x 3

6 thoughts on “Winchester Driveway Bells

  1. Dingo Post author

    Thanks for posting with me gents! That workout felt like it went for 5 minutes! I was not looking forward to working out alone, but I should’ve know my F3 brothers wouldn’t let that happen!!

  2. Kemosabe

    Man that is cool that you guys got together like that. I couldn’t attend the Friday morning men’s Bible study b/c Courtney has jury duty and I had to get up early and get the kid’s ready for school. If I had known you guys were doing that I would have probably joined b/c of how close you live to me and still had enough time to get ready before leaving this am. Cool idea for whoever came up with that!! If any of the Winchester guys are ever interested in doing something like that down the road in the evenings occassionally let me know. I am not wanting to take anything away from F3, however if it gives our wives a chance to go and we can’t it is better than doing nothing and you guys proved that this morning. Have a great weekend!!

    1. Dingo Post author

      Kemosabe – I see it as an “Enhancement” of F3, rather than taking away. Like you said, the other option is we do nothing. Winchester Balls of Steel will continue, so our wives can participate in FiA!

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