10 PAX for a renowned Coal Train beatdown and a check to see if it was possible to spontaneously combust. Damn close.


Mosey to the upper deck via a long way around. SE on Yorktown, Right on Cabarrus, Left on Bell St, Left on Corban past Spring, Left through the lot straight up Market into the Deck up the deck via the ramps.


SSH x 20

Slap SH x 20

Imperial Storm Troopers x 20

Imperial Squat Troopers x 20

Mosey back the way we came left on Corban past gov center to perty new parking lot.

The Thang a lang a ding dang:

Dragon walk downheel.

Mosey to Cab County lot with the big wall.

Cak a Lak ahhh chew chew but instead of planking hit up some bawls to da wawl!

And I cannot remember the order but

People’s chair with exercises in between like bear crawls and sprints

Shuttle Runs with 5 CDD, 6 Merks, 7 V-ups first lateral then up hill.

Back to People’s chair on the wall with some more pain injections.

Tryin to blow out yah kwads!

Mosey back to Coal Train.


1 Minute Freddie Mercs.


  1. Funny how F3 workouts develop routines in the routes taken. Nails blew that up last week at Coal Train and I followed suit. I could see the mental calls for mommy.
  2. It’s still hot.
  3. Tried to change up the Cak a Lak a choo choo with the balls to the wall. This one definitely needs some tweaking.
  4. Great morning for a workout and even greater effort by the PAX!