Mmmm… maybe mudrun prep. Maybe not. OK, kinda.

Just the facts for posterity sake… will Last Call do the same? Eight PAX skipped the snooze and chose to chase the worm.  With 5 days since it happened, YHC’s memory of it is about as foggy as the field that morning, but here’s a rough replication of it…

– SSH x 19 IC
– Imperial Storm Trooper x 19 IC

The Thang
Mosey to small hill at bottom of lot for YHC’s favorite starter and Funky Bunch’s nemesis
Ladder of 5s
– One Legged Burpees (R) at the top
– One Legged Burpees (L) at the bottom
Plank when finished

Tempo mosey up the hill to the main entrance; Partner up
– Partner 1: Run down around island and back
– Partner 2: Decline Merkins middle rail
– Flapjack
Rinse and repeat x 2

Mosey to bottom of hill to playground
– Partner 1: Run across parking lot around signs and back
– Partner 2: Pull ups
– Flapjack
Rinse and repeat x 2

Mosey back out to parking lot and grab a section of fence
– Run out 50 yards and back
– Hop over top rail of fence then come back under the lower rail
Rinse and repeat x 4

Mosey up to pavilion with a little side hill sidewinder action mixed in

Box jumps x 20 OYO
LBC x 19 IC
Rinse and repeat

Grab some wall
People’s Chair x 1 minute
BTW x 1 minute
Rinse and repeat for championship round (Toro takes both Championship belts)

Mosey back out to road and back down hill to small hill
Ladder of 8s
– Quadrephelia up hill
– Merkins at top
– Air squats at bottom

Mosey to upper part of lot

Pretzel Crunch L x 10 IC
Pretzel Crunch R x 10 IC
Dying Cockroach x 20 IC (Shazam)
Squirm x 20 IC (Alcatraz)


The hazy memory of a moleskin
– Great job to the PAX for humoring YHC and his on-the-fly Q
– Who knows what else… I’m just trying my best to remember the AAR and PAX.

– Check another backblast or the daily email

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  1. The Farm

    I am seeing a pattern here. Chowder loves ladders of 5s with legged burpees. I feel like I’m still recovering from the 8/23 workout!

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