Fast Five

Five speed demons, including a BRR runner who may or may not be tapering, got up and got moving around the Center of Town, I mean, Town Center.

Thang, The

Warm up mile out through the various housing styles…

YHC did a little homework and found out that the road that circles Town Hall is approximately 1/4 mile with maybe 5ft of elevation change.  With that knowledge, we did some speedwork.

1 lap on, 1 lap off… just to get the idea.

2 laps on, 1 lap off.  Continue until it is time to quit.

1/2 mile cool down.

Schwetty COT with Warrior One.

Skinned Mole:

  • The legend that is @SSMinnow repeated what I had read many times before.  800M intervals will get you moving.  Glad that we have found a spot to put that knowledge to use.
  • 4-5 miles logged this morning.  Great work men.
  • I hope those others that are on the taper don’t get stiff…
  • But seriously, best of luck BRR gents.  Make us proud.

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