Who’s got the Q…

18 Pax and 1 Fng showed for a beatdown and it went something like this..

Gump – Who’s the Q?, BootStrap Don’t know! Gump – Well I guess it’s me..

Mosey to COP for Warmup

  • SSH x 20
  • Merkins x 10
  • Cotton Pickers x 15

Mosey to Guard Rail

  • Incline Merkins x 10
  • Decline Merkins x 10
  • Dips….wait someone called that so the Q called it off

Line up in two lines, Indian Run to Ridge Road

COP at the corner of Ridge Road

  • Prison Merkins 1 to 10

Mosey to the lighted part of the sidewalk for some Cackalacka choo choo 2 times thru the 19 pax

Mosey to the corner of Street Ave and Ridge Road

  • LBC x 20
  • Low Dolly x 10

Mosey down Street Ave to small hill

  • 6 to 2 Ladder, Burpees at the top Merkins at the bottom

Mosey to next corner  COP

  • Prison Merkins 10 to 1

Mosey to Middle School Parking lot – Pick your pain

  • A – Burpees Broad Jumps for 25 yards
  • B – Walking Lunges for 25 yards

Reverse Spiderman Merkins up the small staircase – Air Squats while you wait before and after

Jail Break to Marry Parking lot


  • LBC x 15
  • Pretzel Crunches x 10
  • 5 Yoga Burpees OYO


  • T Claps to our FNG Bill, I have been working on him for two and a half years. He was in my original EH list to launch Highlands.
  • Did I hear 1) LawDawg calling out the next workout before the Q.. Ballsy 2) someone called BS on my explanation of what goes up must come down.  Love it
  • Felt great to be at the front and out there again; and I think I did switch with @Shazam.. so it was me.
  • Sorry if I missed you on the Pax List as I’m going from Memory.


4 thoughts on “Who’s got the Q…

  1. Bootstrap

    @Gump great Q on the fly even if I could predict it all it was still great. Great to see you back at the helm. Take it easy so we don’t lose ya again

  2. Dudley

    @Gump – Second motion on a good Q. My triceps are still burning and you moved pretty good with a bad back. That high pitch cadence during decline merkins off the guard rail is still ringing in my ears. I’ll pretend my name is up there.

    I Forgot (again) 😉

  3. Charmin

    @ Gump – Solid workout today. Prison workouts are one of life’s great mysteries. Why is it so hard to do pushups and air presses together? I always feel like I am going to breeze threw it and halfway there I am not sure I can finish.

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