A little fun running around the bus lot…

10 men showed for a Law Dawg led trip (or two, or three) around the bus lot. It was a balmy 71 degrees with a few clouds in the sky. The pavement was dry and it went a little something like this.

The thang:

Mosey around the middle school lots and up to the bus lot for a warmup. Stretch on your own while YHC explains his old favorite from college, the snake run.

First exercise: modified indian run, the “snake run” is an indian run where the runner from the back weaves his way through to the front of the line.

Second exercise: the “Frodo” is one lap around the 200m loop, bunny hop the cross walks, step through the hopscotch markers, front and back through the bus lanes to the top of the 200m loop.

1 lap Snake

1 lap Frodo

2 laps of the Snake

2 laps of Frodo.

Mosey over to the side of the middle school for some people’s chair.

1 minute x 3 reps.

Back to the basketball court for some sprints from the ground. We did four sprints across all four courts.

Mosey to the lower lot for some Mary.

1. Freddie Mecury: forward x8 reverse x9

2. Mason twist: x 15

3. Homer to Marge (about 1 minute)

4. Merkins: x 15 double count (Chavez likes to impress the ladies so he felt like we needed some Merkins during Mary).

5. Facebook heels to heaven: I don’t know how many we did(If you’re curious about this exercise, ask Pavoritti, he’s probably on a watch list somewhere for the things he types into google. He’s fast though, he can probably outrun the Feds, they might just have to drone him.)

6. The squirm x 15

7. Last but not least, Chavez took home the prize in the Iron Cross.


Gentlemen of the Pax, nice work this morning. Special props to The HOP (just named FNG) and Moseby for starting out F3 this week and posting to Speed. Google, great to see you back after a week in Vegas.  I hope you all enjoyed it today, its been said before, but everyone seems to go pretty hard at speed. The second round of the Snake was pretty taxing at that pace.

Q-school on September 19 and 20. F3 Connect Exit 18 on Tuesday. EH guys for the new Moss Creek workout starting September 9. Anyone in or around Moss Creek, Rt. 73, or Poplar Tent is good to go. Hit me up on twitter or email me any EH’s emails you’ve got.

2 thoughts on “A little fun running around the bus lot…

  1. Skipper

    @LawDawg – Nice Q today! A few things borrowed, a few things new, a great sweat by all.

    Always good to see new faces at #Speed, welcome @H.O.P and @Mosby!

    Great to be our training with #Fourtitude today. We are going to crush the MudRun!

  2. Pavarotti

    Great lead, LawDawg….for the second day in a row.

    I really liked the Indian run snake and may have to steal that one for a future Speed.

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