Several PAX showed hungry for some pain best served where they try minimize that sort of thing. Oh the irony.


Mosey to one of the many parking lots on the hospital campus


SSHx10 (for Holy Cow looked a little inauspicious in his form.)

Imperial Storm Troopers x 14

Cotton Pickers x ?

Arm circles stretch em out and about

Mosey for an upper decker er Mosey to the top of the parking deck.

The Thang a lang a ding dang:

4 stations on the top level of the parking deck with helpings of:

Core Killas x 10

Rockas x 10

LBC x 10 (3 count)

V-ups x 10

In betwixt Parking Stall Bear Crawls (with a goal of 8 spaces)

One circuit complete so we had to create more hurt.

Indian Run ’round top deck with front runners getting after it in the sprint looking to catch up to the rear PAX jogging nonchalant like.

Time not on our side we squeezed in an Upper Decker for Mary:

Plank Jack Mixahhhhh!!


  1. I can’t promise all made it back. I think PAX were dropping off one by one at different stairwells. We broke COT, jogged back and were thin. Nails tried an alternate route only to be run down by Exit. Skinner, Hipbone, Total Package holla if you made it out.
  2. Parking stall bear crawls hurt. Deertick thought about hitting the ‘Emergency’ button due to overactive sphinctor. Cujo was lamenting the lack of running.
  3. Nails was last seen hitching a ride on NC 3 at the designated short cut gas station.
  4. Great morning for a workout and even greater effort by the PAX! Pain can be seen through the gloom and is appreciated.