The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

Aye!  38 dudes shot out of the fartsack to drink the kool-aid at the #Mutha.  Here’s what they did:

The Thang:

Partner Up and run to the #Muthaship

– Partner A up the spiral, Partner B up the steps; meet at the top for 20 partner derkins each; back down the way you came; meet at the bottom for 20 partner LBCs each.  Flapjack.  Rinse and repeat until 6:08am.


Q fail early on when the door to the stairway was locked.  Thanks to #Keebler for using his elf magic to unlock it. #TP.  In YHC’s opinion, not wanting to let your partner down by waiting on you is probably the best motivation you can find going up the ‘ship, whether your in stairwell or heading up the ramp, that’s why I like this workout.  It has nothing to do with kool-aid, which tangentally is also awesome.  We had a great #meltingpot this AM with PAX posting from all over CLT and beyond.  My man S.S. Minnow out of Harrisburg was crushing it today.

Thanks to Ice9 for the takeout #chicksdigscars.

Announcements:  Convergence planned for Labor Day at the Sharktank AO.  Stay tuned re: whether the #Muthaship runs on Labor Day prior to the convergence.

That’s all.  Always a pleasure to start the week off in the gloom with the men of F3.

6 thoughts on “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test

  1. SSMinnow

    @Gitmo … well, now I really know what the Muthaship is….it’s a 12-story beast! My partner, @Bull, was pushing our pace the whole time, and we were just trying to hang with @Frodo and @Frasier…#solidcompetiton

  2. Tango Delta

    First serious running workout since Sept and it sucked so much that I’m looking forward to more next week.

    A few glimmers of clarity in the fog…

    + System hack…You know you’re a step behind a bunch of monkeys when you roll into BoJangles at 0458 for a required carb un-load only to have IH beat you to the door, call first dibs and take the throne.
    + Unstoppable force vs. Immovable object…Wear a helmet if/when you’re getting lapped by Cindy. He was running downhill so fast that he couldn’t change direction while I was moving uphill so slow that I couldn’t avoid the collision.
    + Fellowship…Watching/listening to Ice9 chew on Uncle’s ear like Gunnery Sergeant Hartman when heading up the ramp only to pop at the top and then repeat.

    1. Uncle

      Ice9 is a great leader. He knew exactly what I needed. Forever grateful for my brothers that know how to push me at that level, I need it.


  3. SSMinnow

    That’s a slight stretch…but I am livin the F3 dream!…Harrisburg PAX and Highlands/Tradition PAX…you rock!…you bring out the best in all the PAX!!

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