Double the Q, double the fun!

14 PAX, including 1 FNG (Dave) paid tribute to Lt. Michael P. Murphy with the end of the month Murph.

The Thang=The Murph;

  1. 1 x Mile run
  2. 100 x Pull Ups
  3. 200 x Merkins
  4. 300 x Squats
  5. 1 x Mile run

The Naked Moleskin

  1. At 5:31am, Gulfstream and I looked around and said, “So, who’s leading this thing?”
  2. Nice work by all the PAX today.  There was a PR by Buckwheat whol killed his time from the first Murph in May.
  3. Chavez led us all through the gloom on the mile runs and Matlock was close on his tail.
  4. Welcom to FNG, Dave Seace.  He was EH’d by Stoli at the pool over the weekend.  So, where was Stoli??  Welcom Dave.  Way to start off F3 with the Murph!

8 thoughts on “Double the Q, double the fun!

  1. Snare Post author

    Despite the cooler temps, it did not prevent me from sweating my @$$ off. Great work this morning by all the PAX.

    @Buckwheat – nice job on the Murph P.R.!

    @MECA is home of the THE REAL MATLOCK.

    @Stoli – FNG Dave was looking for you. He said, “I hope Nick shows up here.” In your absence, we showed Dave the ropes.

    1. Buckwheat

      Thanks for the props @snare. I’ve been hitting it hard lately and it definitely showed today! Felt good shaving 19 minutes off my first Murph time. WOOT WOOT!

      Thanks also for taking the lead this AM. You too @ Gulfstream!

  2. Tomlin

    Arg! I miss my F3 Highlands PAX! I did the murph solo today and it just wasn’t the same. Well from a kick my butt standpoint it was, but so much tougher w/o a PAX working with you. Someone needs to call out Alcatraz and PreSchool. Those guys haven’t posted lately!

  3. Chowder

    At first I thought @Stoli might be your missing Q, but turns out… What?!?! No one signed up to Q The Murph in Sign-Up Genius. Everybody take a minute and go sign up to Q a beat down or two… with special attention to the Cruise (Wed.) and Speed (Fri.)

    @Snare and @Gulfstream – T-claps for stepping in and stepping up to take the leadership role, brothers! Great job!

    I believe @Stoli had a late night working on Bradford stuff with @Shazam and @TheNanny until 0400. Sounds like @Chavez got plenty of rest…

  4. Stoli

    Aye, excused charter-sack this morning. The Nanny, Shazam, and Dropcloth were also excused. Chowder, t-claps for posting the Muthaship after helping us last night.

    I apologized to Dave this morning after he text me that the posted and I skipped! Glad you posted Dave. I’ll see you at another workout this week.

  5. Chavez

    Well, I was post 11:30 pm, but anything before 1:30 am is getting “plenty of rest” compared to some of you guys.

    Good push by the Pax today. Special shout out to @Pound Puppy, who turned on those Dog-Catcher-inherited after burners to blow by me on the way down Clarke Creek. Additional T-claps for being up when most of us at your age were in the middle of sleep.

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