The Amateur’s NFL Combine

The Pax were 12 strong for a revisit to the combine cone workout.

The Thang:

Mosey to Skyline hill, mixing butt kicks, high knees, skips, leaps, kereoke, and slides down the parkway.

Skyline sprints, 3 sets x 3 runs per set from varying distances up the hill in two heats.

Mosey back to bus lot, mixing butt kicks, high knees, skips, leaps, kereoke, and slides up the parkway.

Combine workout:

3 sets of 3 runs for the following drills:
– Circle each of 5 dash marks within 5 yds and sprint 10 yards
– Hop to the sides of the 5 dashes, sprint 10 yards
– Hop in/outs on the dashes, sprint 10 yards

Partner workout:

3 cones. face off. 4 races in each rd, switching sides every other race. Always start at the middle cone.

Rd1 slide to the baseline, touch ground, sprint 15 yds to other end, then back.
Rd2 slide to baseline, sprint 15 yds, slide 7 yds back, sprint remaining 7 yds.
Rd3 slide to baseline, backwards run 15 yds, sprint back to baseline 15 yds.

L drill x 6 (f3 from each side) – 3 cones placed in the shape of an ‘L’, 5 yds apart. slide from start to middle, back to start, then run on the outside of the middle cone, around the inside of the other end cone, back around outside of middle cone to finishline.

X drill – use the paint of the basketball lane, starting at the right key of the foul line, sprint to left baseline, slide to right corner of the baseline, sprint backwards/sideways to left key of the foul line, slide to starting point. x 2, then switch sides.


Each x 10 in cadence. W, low flutter, low dolly, freddy mercury

The Moleskin:

1. I love the cone drills. Makes me feel like the athlete I am not, nor ever was! Great footwork drills to help acceleration.

2. These drills are Pavarotti’s sweetspot. Great competition every race.

3. A big t-claps and welcome to Abnormal and Google for a speed workout. Great work.

4. Murph on Monday! Be there.

Have a great weekend.


8 thoughts on “The Amateur’s NFL Combine

  1. The Nanny

    @Stoli. Starting with Skyline Sprints was pure evil. Running back from there I thought to myself “I could go home right now and feel like I got enough out of the morning.” No such luck. Legs felt like jelly the rest of the morning.

    @Google. Heck of a start for a wed FNG. Then named on Thursday. Then a Speed post. And then a promised sat AM post… Welcome to the Pax you Electroluxing ex-west coaster.

    @Pavarotti. Always enjoy watching you launch from the start of a sprint like an escaping spring. Just think of the 6.2 mi mud run as 36 really long sprints and you will be fine…

    @Chavez. Was good to see my heavy footed bro-in-law sneak a heat win or two past Stoli during the combine sprints. Glad I wasn’t in that group…

    @Glock. Step one is posting to HDHH. Step two is posting to the Thursday workout after step one. Maybe next month.

    1. david tulle

      Jelly the rest of the morning? Try the rest of the weekend. Used muscles I didn’t know I had.

  2. Pavarotti

    Great workout, Stoli. I really like the drills and competition. There is no way you’re “not an athlete.”

    @pax – Way to push hard. I know I’m feeling it today.

    @thenanny – I really hope it seems that way come October 4. I’ll have to keep that in mind.

  3. Tim Dugas

    @Stoli – That was a great workout! Appreciate the effort in setting up the course beforehand.

    @pax – Thanks for welcoming me into this insanity! I have not pushed myself this hard in a looooong time.

    By the way I literally walked like a zombie all day today. EVERY muscle is sore. It HuRts so GOOD!

  4. Skipper

    I always love a @Stoli #Speed

    Thanks for the push @Blacksheep

    It was nice meeting @Rome and @Google today!

    @Google – Good luck “recovering” in Vegas next week.

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