Isn’t it flat over here too?

First a Rooster then a Gamma, before we knew it there were 9 PAX ready to KB our way to Gloomy Fame.


Walk KB’s to KB Circle, place them for future use.
Mosey to next lot, or two, or three over
15- SSH
10- Cotton Pickers (thanks HOS)
12- Windmill
15- Imperial Storm Trooper
10- Merkins
15- LBC
Mosey back to KB Circle.
KB Circle: Ten Stations OYO then after each station farmer carry to center for staggered curb/KB merkins, x3 then 2x of each # on paper for count. (10 reps or 10 each arm unless noted) 
DA KB Swing
SA Goldilocks R & L (off hand assist as needed)
Tricep Extension (standing, overhead)
Goblet Squat
OYS Chest Press (20)
SA KB Swing, Goldilocks and Press R & L
Lawnmower Row R & L (15 ea)
SA KB Swing Alternating Arms
Kneeling Press R & L (15 each)
Staggered Tricep Extension (standing, like a row except backwards working triceps) “One Armed Donkey Kick” per Tumbler
50% Sprint to Ridge for a quick (10) Partner Sit Up “do something different” rep
50% Spring back to KB Circle
Rehash x2 as Time & Body Allowed
***yes, that’s 170 SC Merkins today if you are counting***
**Cool down One Armed Farmer Carry back to Assembly**

(20) LBC with KB
(20) Squirm (reach for KB)
Recover TYF (a Cobain, guys, running late, had to cut plan short, time flew by….for once in my F3 life)

+++Goblet of Fire, OYO, ALAYC+++ **TCLAPS to Clueless for showing us all up, last man standing!!**
Recover Recover

Count Off


1. F3 @ Harrisburg Park @ 7am: come enjoy a White Bronco BBQ…BYOB??. Don’t forget some F2 @ RRC after. Bull? Run Prior at 6am as usual also.

2. Food Bank Donations needed.

3. The Murph on Monday @ Stallings Rd Park

Close it out.

4 thoughts on “Isn’t it flat over here too?

  1. RibShack Post author

    Thanks to the PAX today for allowing me to join you. Quite the quiet adventure for a while. A shout out to those fartsacking today, namely Monkey Wrench..things were just to quiet without you! Small groups are cool though, got to talk to a few today that I normally don’t get to.

    @Swammi- a quick prayer that all is well

    @Rooster, thanks for the support today & for pushing through there at the end

  2. Swami

    Good to see RibShack in the center circle. Good job! Pulled the lower back pretty bad. Doc Holiday said he could fit me in before lunch but I couldn’t wait that long. Pain! I was told it a muscular tear and I’ll recover, but you won’t see me tomorrow. Perhaps I should get to Kettle Bells in time to warm up?
    Full Swami out!

  3. Swami

    Appreciate how an F3 comrade (Doc Holiday) was willing to slide me in to a busy Friday schedule. T-claps for your willingness to help!!!!

  4. SSMinnow

    Good kettle bell circuit @Ribshack…I could tell by the sweat drops all over the station sheets on the 2nd time around.

    Tclaps to all you ‘straight-arm’ guys during the goblet of fire…@respect…Nick looked good, holding out the longest

    Hope you’ve gotten some relief @Swami

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