Back To School

9 Pax ventured out in the gloom today in an effort to build some back to school muscle. Mr. Belding kept everyone in line and it went like this…


Warm-Up – Lets remember what we worked on last class.
Mosey around parking lot
SSH x 20

Stretch – Take a deep breath before you start your class project.

Problem Solving Practice – We can do some of these as a class.
Upright Row x 10
Sumo Squat x 10
Clean and Press x 10
Tricep Extension x 10

Kettlebell Starfish – This is your class project today.
Complete 10 reps of an exercise in each corner then rack your kettlebell, walk to the center to complete 10 LBC’s, rack your kettlebell again and move to next corner.
Corner 1 – Tricep Extension
Corner 2 – Clean and Press
Corner 3 – Bicep Curl
Corner 4 – Sumo Squat
Rinse and Repeat

Assessment- Can anyone tell me what exercises we did today?
Upright Row x 20
Sumo Squat x 20
Clean and Press x 20
Tricep Extension x 20

LBC’s x 10
W’s x 10
Mason Twist x 10

@pax- good sweat today gents! I’m glad everyone passed their assessment at the end. I think were ready to go back to school.
@pharaoh- I think you’re particularly excited in light of how fast you were moving through today.

3 thoughts on “Back To School

  1. Gangsta's Paradise

    @Mr. Belding – awesome workout today. Felt it throughout, and will be feeling it later today.

    @Forgotten Jelly – good teaming up with you this morning. Too bad we couldn’t catch @Pharaoh…

  2. Forgotten Jelly

    @Belding – nice Q today. I enjoyed it.

    @gangsta – I still think we could have caught Pharaoh

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