There is something about Chelsea

15 Pax including 1 2nd post and a Kotters showed up for something a little different then we normally do

Warm Up 20 SSH IC


5x Pullups

10x Merkins

15x Air Squats

30 Rounds EMOM (every minute on the minute)

Due to some very smoked legs of some Pax we walked back to middle lot for Mary

Mary- Led by Kato to get him back in the habit

Pharaoh position to arm extended

to leg extended

to crunch to return



Repeato with Variation

-Tough workout men especially for some of the newer Pax and also for the vets if you completed all rounds it was 150 pullups, 300 Merkins, 450 Air Squats, that’s big time!

-Welcome back @Kato been far too long. Keep in contact and we can make sure you can be able to participate more often, believing for positive results from your MRI

-Had 2 ALS ice bucket challenges done by @LawDawg and @Chowder calling out other pax

-We WILL do this again and with cooler weather we should have even better results



9 thoughts on “There is something about Chelsea

  1. LawDawg

    I know you all want to see @chowder without a shirt…here you go.

    @dingo, @snare, @BOS, @bling, @gordo, @JLO: you’ve all been called out.

    @Kato, good to see you. @Winnebego, thanks for bringing the pain in a new way.

  2. The Nanny

    @Winnebago That was a great bootcamp workout. Focused on some key muscle groups and went deep. Loved it.

    @Google Welcome to the Pax. Great meeting you this morning.

    @Chowder @LawDawg You guys wasted no time letting your ALS challenge go stale. Way to knock it out in style….Frodo style since he was the first (??) to do that.

    @Shultz Glad our paths finally crossed again for a tues/thurs. Good seeing you in the gloom.

    @Kato You definitely are not sitting around at home eating bon bons. That plank-a-rama thing we did at the end was really challenging. And you called it out with a clear, strain free voice. T-claps.

  3. Kato

    @Winnebago Thanks for inviting me on Sunday and for going out of your way to lead a workout I can participate in. I told the M at 11:30 last night that the only reason I was going was because you went to the effort and I told you I would post. I’m glad I did.

    I’ve been working out at night and forgot how good the rest of the morning feels when you begin the morning with a beat down.

    Getting injured the way I did exposed some fundamental weaknesses. The time away as been a good learning experience and has changed a lot of what I believe about fitness. Maybe I’ll bring some of it to a beatdown.

  4. Winnebago Post author

    @Kato don’t be stranger even if you can’t post come to HDHH and the Shield, you are a friend to us. Always open arms. Also reach out to PAX about designing a workout you can join until you are recovered, or even sign up to Q. You aren’t in this thing called life alone, any thought that says you are is a BS lie. Great seeing you back giving it your all.

  5. Skipper

    @Winnebago – looks like a smoker!

    @Kato – Great to see your name back in the pax list!

    Two notes: @KleanUp is spelled with a “K”; and the last line of the BB, “We WILL do this again…” Yeah, it’s called “The Murph” and we’ll be doing it in 4 days! However, it will be easier because you only have to do 20 sets of Chelsea.

    @Pax – #STRONG!

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