How Bad Can It Be? The Q has a bad Achilles.

9 Pax ventured out on a hot, humid and dark August morning.

§ Mosey from AO to Mall Parking lot by BELK.

§ Imperial Storm Troopers x 20

§ Cotton Pickers x 20

§ SSH x 20

§ Arm circles – forward and backward

§ Mosey back to the rock pile at ASEC


§ Select rock and line up at the top of the upper lot.


§ Run to bottom of lot at entrance with rock – Merkins x 25 and Curls x 10


§ Run to top of lot with rock – Merkins x 20 and Curls x 8


§ Run to bottom of lot with rock – Merkins x 15 and Curls x 6


§ Run to top of lot with rock – Merkins x 10 and Curls x 4


§ Run to bottom of lot with rock – Merkins x 5 and Curls x 2


§ Run to top of lot with rock


§ Recover


§ Repeat circuit with or without rock (Pax’s choice – Grover only one crazy enough to run with rock.)


Exercises for this circuit: Air squats x 25 and LBC’s x 10 (with same declining ladder)


§ Recover
§ Circle Up: Overhead press w/ rock x 15


Bent over rows w/ rock x 15


Repeato x 2
§ Return rocks and mosey to Mary

§ LBC’s x 25 IC

§ Low flutters x 30 IC

§ Superman 2 minutes

§ Brazilians x 25 IC

§ Great workout today although it is bad when the Q is cursing himself for his own workout. Running with rocks seemed like a good idea on paper. Next time I’ll pick a smaller rock.

§ Very little conversation but lots of perspiration.

§ Apparently Grover really likes running with rocks so next time he’ll be carrying two.

§ I tried to add in a little strength training with conditioning, so, hopefully it was successful. As always it’s a privilege to lead you guys.
That is all,