Maybe There Should Have Been a Disclaimer

An even dozen cruised 5 miles or 8084 steps in the gloomier gloom.

The Thang:
(Sort of Disclaimer)
=>Head towards golf course and follow trail to Cambridge Bay
(Re-announce disclaimer)
=>Keep on Cambridge Bay until Highland Creek Parkway
=>Right on Parkway all the way to HCE entrance
=>Follow Dogwood behind ball fields and then right to fire station
=>Cross over Ridge to other neighborhood and run a big square back to fire station
=>Continue down Shelley back to Highland Creek Parkway
=>Take Parkway to HCE entrance and then back to the start


  1. It was darker than expected and the Q’s headlamp was malfunctioning, so the disclaimer was re-announced as we made our way around the darkened paths behind the golf course.
  2. The leader pack was really moving this morning and was clocked under 8 minutes for mile 2.  This Q couldn’t keep up to give you all directions.
  3. Way to push this morning to get in 5 miles.  I remember when we would barely do 4 in 45 minutes.
  4. Welcome to Tim (FNG).  We hope to see you in the gloom more often.
  5. @glock and @highlife – Great to see you out there and giving it your all. @gordo – You were flying this morning and I couldn’t catch you. @winnebago – Thanks for setting the pace.



5 thoughts on “Maybe There Should Have Been a Disclaimer

  1. Frodo

    Nice course selection, Pavarotti….besides the darker than normal golf course.

    @Winnebago, @Chavez, @Stoli, @Gordo – great push this morning. I had several of our miles in the 7:30 range. I really wasn’t expecting to be moving that fast. Kudos to each one of you and curses on my ego that didn’t let me slow down and run more comfortably.

    @Chavez – thanks for your help with my ice bucket. It actually felt good, I would recommend it for future cruises.

    @FNG Tim – glad you joined us. Is anyone else nervous about what Tim will be like when he “gets back in shape”? Anyone that saw Dingo’s Jug workout and thinks, “That looks like fun, I need to find who that group is.” is a little intimidating.

  2. Chowder

    Wow, you guys were flying… love it… bring it to Stoli’s Speed on Friday. Good push by all the PAX. Solid mileage.

    Welcome @FNG_Tim – glad google helped you find us and looking forward to seeing you in tomorrow’s gloom. Strong work on a peppier-than-usual Cruise!

    Enjoyed the 2nd F today @HighLife. Way to hang strong as those first few miles were a bit more brisk than usual… but you held tough and gutted it out. T-claps, brother!

    And great route @Pav… varied scenery, kept me guessing – loved it. Thanks for your leadership!

  3. Winnebago

    Loved this morning, a little uncertainty is great to build mental strength. there were at least 3 times where I thought we were doing one thing only to do another, usually which was what I didn’t want to do. I’m with @Frodo I actually didn’t want to go that fast today but I just go where my legs go. Special T-Claps to @Gordo he hung with the lead group all morning!

  4. Stoli

    Great lead, Pavarotti.

    Come out to HDHH tonight at Pippa’s for possibly a Stoli ice bucket dump.

  5. High Life

    Great run this morning even though I was struggling at the end. Thanks for the conversation and pushing me along, @Chowder.

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