The Vern

The Pax were 22 strong for a Shazam favorite… The Vern!

The Thang:

Fast mosey to the bus parking lot.

COP: SSH x 15, stretch

The Vern

3/4 mile run, down Shelly Ave, across the parkway, up the school entrance, back up to bus parking lot.

10 pull-ups, 200 yard sprint, 20 dips, 200 yard sprint, 25 merkins, 200 yard sprint, 30 LBC’s, 200 yard sprint.

Rinse and repeat x 5

3/4 mile run same route

MARY led by Winnebago: The W x 15, Freddie Mercury x 15, 6 inches hold for 60 seconds.

The Moleskin:

1. Col. Mustard sent a message at 05:15 this morning seeking a fill in Q. Skipper was probably at another workout and The Nanny was either fartsacking or preparing for a redo of the ALS challenge. Shazam and I knew the Vern was the answer. Hope everyone enjoyed it! It had to be easier than what Col. had planned. We would have been carrying telephone poles around on our shoulders for 30 minutes and then doing monkey humpers. So you’re all welcome. Heal up, Col.

2. Great push by all the Pax. No one walked from what I saw. Complete grind until the end. Well done, men. Good mud run prep workout and a personal favorite.

3. Prayers for Hammer this morning as he hurt or reaggrevated his knee in the first run. Heal up, brother.

4. If you haven’t Q’ed a workout yet, please consider doing so. I’m sure many of you have a lot of workout ideas that would be great for the Pax. Please use sign up genie or let me know if you need help or have question. It’s fun and good for us all to have variety.

Have a great day.


4 thoughts on “The Vern

  1. LawDawg

    @Stoli, thanks for stepping up brother. I have a real love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with the Vern, It tests your resolve to keep pushing in a unique way. Independently, none of it is that bad, but done in that way it’s painful.

    @Pax, nice work gentlemen. The force was strong with many of you this morning.

  2. Stoli Post author

    Love the mixed bag of guys who have been coming for years and new guys.

    Are Buckwheat, Bushwacker, and Alcatraz all former football stars, now turned Jeff Saturday(former Colts/Packers center, now a thinned down ESPN announcer)?

    A privilege to workout with Ultra, Abnormal, and Bushwacker for the first time.

  3. Winnebago

    I figured out pretty quickly that the Vern was on the menu this morning, he puts it on @Shazam but @Stoli loves this workout too. Had to get my mind right as to be honest I didn’t want to have to push hard this morning. Strong work by our Q, his presence legitimizes any workout. Not only did he lead us the whole way but dished out more encouragement than we could stand.

    Great work by the Pax as there were a lot of first timers experiencing the workout and it ain’t easy, major anaerobic and stamina workout and just plain old mental strength to keep up the pace.

  4. Pox

    I had managed to avoid the Vern for 3 years but I couldn’t hide any longer. It was exact what I needed – great to workout endurance.

    I’m with stoli it’s fun and amazing each time I show up to have some of the original highlands crew like parkour (great to see ya brother) Along with a new crew.

    Note to highlands pax. If you don’t sign up to q, pox may bring the PVC out of retirement and you don’t want that to happen.

    Pox out

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