Don’t come if you don’t like to RUN!


Light mosey to cul-de-sac past Cabarrus Eye Clinic

35 SSH

20 Prisoner Squats

15 Cotton Pickers

Mosey to Belk’s parking lot

The Main Event:

Indian run until lead man gets back to front:

Pull from assortment of exercise cards

Quadramain small hill behind Starbucks x 3

Indian Run

Peoples chair until Q fails

Indian Run

Kackalacka Choo-Choo

Indian Run

Star gaze 30-45 seconds

Indian Run

15 Merkins

Indian Run back towards ASEC

Mountain Climbers x 15 Cadence


30 LBC’s in cadence

6” leg lifts

Plank – T plank each side, elbow plank approximately 2 minutes


Mole Skin

16 total joined this morning

I was surprised we had this many knowing we would be running

For some reason, Indy decided to start the morning off with announcements, I showed him right quick that we are there to exercise and we start at5:30 sharp.

Thanks for the solid effort by all today. I enjoyed the chatter.  See ya’ll in the gloom.